Wow this year went so fast! The experiences I’ve had have been 99.9 % AMAZING! There’s always going to be that one that you just don’t work well with and that’s ok too. Also, I’ve amended the age limit for new subs back up to 30 years old. It’s just better for me and way less trouble. On a lighter note, I’ll be at the Dallas Fetish Ball and would love to see some of you. Come spin the wheel of pain and have interaction with me or one of the other gorgeous Dommes that will be there.  I’ll be on stage early in the night 8:45-9:45pm so I can enjoy the party and mingle with everyone afterwards.  One last thing, Me and Mistress Mia cancelled our trip to Hawaii and are headed to the Caribbean instead on a… GULP… cruise. I don’t know how I feel about this but I’m sure it will be an adventure and will be sure to take lots of pics! XoXo

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