I am the Dominatrix next door, the incessant tease, all of your most intimate fantasies laid bare.  I am the one you notice immediately as you enter any room, the one that makes your heart sink and your face flush with embarrasment and anticipation all at once.  I am that lump in your throat as you enter the principals office and at the same time the lump in your pants the first time you saw a playboy magazine.  I am your Obsession, your Everything, your Universe.  

You will no longer be a singular sentient being, you will be a willing participant in your own demise. You will become ever eager to please me as I burrow deeper and deeper into your subconcious mind planting seeds of submission and subjugation alike. With a soft touch and a sharp tongue you will become weak and drop to your knees with nothing left but to become my mindless muse.

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Mistress, Humiliatrix, Incessant Tease, Dominatrix Next Door.

OWK! The Other World Kingdom

OWK Cinema! Absolute and Uncompromising FEM_DOM