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I'm Mistress Tracy Dallas, a professional dominatrix based in the heart of Texas. As a passionate and experienced Domme of 14+ years, I'm comfortable in my role and strive to make my submissives feel the same. I believe in creating a safe, consensual, and respectful atmosphere for all my clients and am open to accommodating submissives of any experience level. Communication is key for me to be able to tailor our time together and push boundaries without straining the submissive. I understand that submission can mean different things to different people, and I am here to create an environment for whatever it is you need. Whether it be a form of catharsis, punishment, release, or escape from reality, I am here to provide it.

- M. Tracy Dallas

Mistress Tracy Dallas Introduction


Mistress Tracy offers a range of specialties and services to her clients, more details below!
Bondage and Submission with Mistress Tracy Dallas
Bondage & Submission

Bondage and submission is a form of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism) in which one partner (the submissive) consents to be controlled by the other partner (the dominant). The dominant partner typically sets rules and boundaries for the submissive to follow. Bondage and submission can involve physical restraints such as rope or handcuffs, as well as psychological control such as humiliation or verbal commands. The goal of bondage and submission is to create an intimate power exchange between partners that can be both physically and emotionally stimulating.

Mistress Tracy does a mean spanking session
Corporal Punishment

Mistress Tracy Dallas is a professional in the field of corporal punishment play. She has a wide array of techniques that she can use to make sure her clients get exactly the kind of punishment they are looking for. From flogging and whipping to spanking and caning, Mistress Tracy Dallas has the skills and expertise necessary to deliver an expertly crafted experience that will leave her clients feeling satisfied and fulfilled. She is passionate about ensuring that her clients enjoy their experience and she is always willing to discuss the best approaches to ensure their safety and satisfaction. Her professionalism and expertise have made her one of the most sought-after mistresses in the field of corporal punishment play.

Domina Tracy sensory dep and nipple play
Sensation/ Sensory

Sensation and Sensory play is an exciting type of BDSM play that can involve a variety of things, such as bondage, spanking, nipple play, and CBT (Cock and Ball Torture). This type of play can create heightened physical and mental sensations, while also helping to build trust and communication. Nipple play is often included in sensation play as it can be a source of pleasure and also pain. It can range from gentle caresses to more intense pinching, squeezing, or clamping. When done with proper communication and consent, sensation play can be a great way to explore the power dynamic between us.

Nurse Tracy ready to role play all day
MedFet Play

Medical fetish/electro play is a type of BDSM activity that involves the use of medical and electrical equipment to create sensations of pleasure, pain, or both. It can involve the use of items such as clamps, needles, electrodes, sounds and other tools to stimulate the body. The Dominatrix may also use verbal commands and physical restraints to control the submissive’s experience.

Humiliation with the best, Domina Tracy Dallas
Humiliation/ Role-play

I provide a variety of intimate domination sessions, ranging from naughty nurse and patient to classic Mistress and slave play. I have a selection of costumes, props, and custom furniture to choose from that suit each session. Humiliation is a form of BDSM play where I will verbally humiliate the submissive to make them feel subservient. This can involve derogatory name-calling, verbal abuse, and other forms of physical humiliation. This type of play is done in a consensual and safe manner, and can be highly pleasurable for both parties.

Crossdressing sessions are great with Tracy Dallas, judgement free!
CD & Sissification

Dressing you up in fetish wear can bring an extra level of enjoyment and fantasy to my sessions. Whether it's corsets, panties, stockings and garters, or other clothing specifically designed for sissification play, dressing up can be a great way to really let loose and express yourself. I can even offer full makeovers with makeup and a wide selection of wigs to create an incredible femme transformation from head to toe!

Crossdressing sessions are great with Tracy Dallas, judgement free!
Latex Fetish

My love for latex sessions runs deep and holds a special place in my heart. With an extensive collection of hoods, catsuits, bondage bags, breath play items, and scent play essentials, the possibilities for indulging in tight and slippery adventures are endless. But the cherry on top of it all has to be the thrilling latex vacuum bed experience. The combination of these elements creates a tantalizing world of sensual pleasure and excitement that I simply can't get enough of.

Crossdressing sessions are great with Tracy Dallas, judgement free!
Boot and Shoe Worship

I proudly exhibit my collection of powerful footwear, evoking reverence and adoration from my subs. They kneel before me, captivated by the scent and shine of my well-maintained boots. As they caress and kiss them, they surrender to my dominance, finding both punishment and reward in their devoted worship.

Hello there, I'm Mistress Tracy Dallas!

All new clients must be at least 30 years of age, and book a two-hour session to begin.


All potential clients are required to fill out the booking form below. Same day and last minute appointments are not available. Sessions are normally from 11am until 8pm - 7 days a week. Courteous emails are accepted MTDenterprises@hotmail.com You may also call during normal business hours 469-609-7679

About Me

Mistress Tracy Dallas provides professional BDSM services and lifestyle coaching. Located in Dallas, TX, this experienced Mistress offers a safe, judgement-free environment to explore BDSM and Fetish related activities.

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