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Mistress Tracy is an Experienced Professional Dominatrix (or Pro Domme), She's been bringing kinky Dreams to life for over 10 years and has no plans to stop any time soon. She operates a FULLY LOADED private studio conveniently located in North Dallas Texas. She uses only the most modern and up to date tools, impliments, and pieces of custom bondage furniture available. Your Fantasies and Dreams will come true as you willfully submit to her Skillful touch and Powerfully Persuasive Feminine Techniques!

Mistress Tracy Dallas Dominatrix Pro Domme


Mistress Tracy will be on Vacation and also celebrating her Birthday in Maui Hawaii from August the 20th until September the 1st. There are still openings in her schedule for in person sessions between now and then. Book soon and bring her birthday gifts before it's too late!


Choosing the right Mistress to bring your lifelong fantasies into existence can be a Daunting task!  I understand this like no other.  I take each and every session extremely seriously and work very hard to ensure that every detail is just right!  Sit back and relax, I have many years of direct "hands on" experience in the BDSM arena!  I'm proficient in almost all areas of Perversion and Kink!  
Mistress Tracy Dallas Dominatrix leather hat


Your privacy is first and foremost on your Mistresses mind at all times. You will not be recorded or have photos taken of you during your session.  The only way that could happen is if it was agreed upon beforehand and was part of the session.

Mistress Tracy Dallas Dominatrix lingerie


Every session is of a safe, sane, and consentual nature. You will be treated like you are a willing adult engaged in consentual play at all times. If things get too intense you will have a safe word to stop or slow down the current activity.

Mistress Tracy Dallas Dominatrix latex


Each and EVERY session is custom tailored to your individual needs and desires. I will NEVER just go through the motions, feel free to share your interests with me and I will craft an amazing session just for you.

Mistress Tracy Dallas Dominatrix with slave


The best answer is yes, no, and maybe. Defining hurt is difficult with BDSM play. If the mood is right, getting slapped in the face can feel like pure exstacy where normally that would "hurt". So yes, no, maybe ;)


1 hour 325
1.5 hours 475
2 hours 600
3 hours 825
4 hours 1100

All day rate (8-12 hours depending on the nature of your session) 2500


Don't feel bad if I ask you to pay a deposit, EVERYONE has to do it!
There are several ways that you can pay the deposit, the easiest way is to click the button and send it to my email address

The alternative method is to go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase an amazon gift card in person with cash then scratch off the "claim code" area on the back of the card and send me those numbers through text or email, I'll load them into my account and you're all set!

The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your total tribute amount.  $50 is the normal amount unless instructed otherwise!


If you don't see your interest listed below then feel free to contact me and we will discuss it! 

Tease and Denial
GS (Have I mentioned how much I enjoy GS?)
Sensual Domination (Light and playful)
Latex & Leather Fetish (Latex vac bed, sleep sack, leather body bags)
Latex and Leather Bondage Bags / Sleep Sacks
Breath Play
Toy Play (tiny to MONSTROUS)
Stretching / Fist
NT / CBT  (Cock and ball torture/Nipple torture)
Corporal (OTK, impact play, flogger, whips, paddles, canes and more)
Interrogation scenes (I'll use any means necessary to get what I want)
Electrocal play (Eros tek, violet wand, tens, PES, E-stem)
Foot and Leg Worship / Stocking Fetish
Medical (sounds, electro, needle play, enimas, venus for men..and more)
Sensory Deprivation
Bondage (light to inescapable)
Bondage (Rope, leather, ties, rubber)
Creative Role Play (Nurse/patient, cheerleader and nerdy boy, boss and assistant...)
Intro to BDSM (For novices learning and experimenting)
Sissy Training (Dress up time girls and boys)
Tickle Torture
Humiliation (Verbal and physical)


Topping from the bottom, Blood/Scat, Children, Animals, Body worship, Wrestling, Castration, Negotiating prices, Boxing, Swearing, Alcohol/drugs/smoking, Bad attitudes! 



● Erostek 312-B power box with genuine Erostek plugs and microphone
● Venus for men (Venus 2000) Milking Machine with multiple reciever sizes and attachments
● PES unit with Stanley Jr. plug
● Professional grade TENS unit
● Several vintage Violet Wands with many different attachments
● Various CBT and NT devices
● Various Canes, Whips, Floggers, Crops, and Paddles


● One of a kind custom chain Spider Web
● Custom Metal Bondage table with restraints, moveable legs, and slave cage underneath
● Custom white Medical Gyno chair with adjustable leg stirrups and restraints
● Padded St Andrews Cross
● Jim Support Sling frame and Leather Sling
● Jim Support leather "fuck bench"
● Heavy duty Metal Standing Stocks
● Free Hanging Bondage bar / Trapese
● Leather Total Enclosure Bondage bag
● Queen Sized Throne Chair

Nurse Tracy Dallas


● Private Throne Room with kneeling pad and Mistress worship area
● Fetish Medical Clinic complete with Sounds, Needles, Electro devices, Enema bag, and more!
● Rubber Romper Room with Rubber and Latex Hoods, Accessories,, Sling, and Restraints
● Heavy Metal Room with Spider web, Cage, Cross, Bondage table, and every style of Corporal Impliment you can think of!
● Forced Femme/Sissy closet with Outfits, Wigs, Makeup, Shoes, and more! 


Please read through everything below before contacting Me!


In person appointments with me usually require a minimum of 24 hours notice so that I can arrange my schedule. There are a few exceptions to this rule though, feel free to inquire as I may have had a cancellation. I typically make appointments between the hours of 1pm and 11pm central standard time 7 days a week!
You may Emaill me during normal business hours to schedule. I no longer accept one hour sessions unless I have played with you before and it has been pre-approved. Call 214-557-6430 when you're ready to set something up. 


If you're a new client I will require a small discreet deposit from you before I can schedule a session, this is normal and necessary.  Simply click the big button in the DEPOSIT section above. Depending on the circumstances I may also require a reference from someone that can verify you, anyone verifiable that you have seen recently in the adult industry will work.  I would prefer that you book a two hour session for your first encounter, this allows a little extra time so that we can get to know each other better and have an amazing session right from the start! 


I will accept specific wardrobe requests (you get to pick the outfit that you would like for me to wear in the session) but there is an additional 75 dollar fee for that request.

If you want me to wear heavy makeup in a scene it will cost you the way it costs me. It takes an hour to do full makeup and time to get the makeup off not to mention burning eyes for several hours after. There will be an upcharge of 200 and a minimum of four hours session time for heavy makeup.


Sessions require 24-hour notice for cancellations. Less than 24-hour notice will result in you having to submit the full tribute required for the entire time you booked before I will EVER schedule another session with you.

In the event that you are a "no-show" you will have to submit the full Tribute for the time you booked before I will communicate with you again.


Extended sessions (8 hours or longer) require a non-refundable minimum deposit of 25 percent. If the session is cancelled with 1 week (7 days) notice, the deposit can be applied towards a future session. If one week notice is not given, you forfeit the deposit.

Tardiness is unacceptable. If you're more than 15 minutes late without notifying me, the time will be subtracted from your session. If you are more than 30 minutes late without notifying me, you will be considered a "no-show”.


If you're feeling especially generous gift cards to stores like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Central Market, Nieman Marcus, or Amazon are always a welcome surprise.  

Beautiful flowers are also a nice surprise, Lillies and Roses are great! 


Mistress Tracy is featured on the cover of Kink Queens magazine #8 Summer 2017!  Click on the button below to get your print copy or digital download today!



Mistress Tracy Dallas is featured in Centurian publishing's newest magazine Forced Womanhood #79!  She's the first Domme to ever grace the cover, be a good slave and order your copy now! Inside there are never before seen photos of Mistress Tracy and her "trollops", there's also a revealing interview and lots more! If you can't buy a physical copy because of privacy reasons don't fret, there will be a PDF version on the way soon!


I prefer real time sessions but it if that isn't possible for you I also offer convenient and anonymous phone sessions through NiteFlirt. Simply click the button below to be taken to my listings page

Call Button

Call: 214-557-6430

In person appointments usually require a minimum of 24 hours notice for me to arrange my schedule, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

I typically make appointments between the hours of 1pm and 11pm central standard time 7 days a week.

You may call me during normal business hours to schedule an appointment or write me an email describing your interests and desired session time. 

Mistress Tracy Dallas Latex Mistress

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