A work in progress

Working around the clock to finish My blog. Not knowing basic HTML makes Me want to throw my iPad in the trash. On a positive note, the blog is starting to take on a personality.
If you have a question you would like answered here, email me at Mtdenterprises@hotmail.com
P.S. what’s the worst that can happen? You get featured In My rubbish section… 😉

Hello world!

It’s after midnight and soooo excited to have My very own blog! Why didn’t this happen years a go? Trust Me when I tell you that I’ve got a lot to say.  Don’t sweat the fact that I’m only feeding you sluts, slaves and pathetic dogs a few scraps at a time.  Here’s a quote that I used to say to all the sissy bitches back in high school .

“Fuck me, suck me, eat me, beat me, just don’t mess up my hair!”

Night sluts! 🙂