Pillow humper




I arrived at Mistress Tracy’s dungeon and she automatically put me at ease.  Before I knew it, I was dressed in nothing but a pair of women’s panties and on my knees awaiting her command.  She sat on a stool in front of me with those gorgeous legs and took off her shoe and started rubbing her foot.  I didn’t quite understand why she didn’t tell me to do it.  She looked me in the eye as she seductively took her silky stockings off.  She began tying my hands behind my back with the stocking and the other she shoved in my mouth.    “Since you have been late the last three times, I’ve invited a few friends over to laugh at you and you WILL do what they say.”  I begged her to give me any other punishment, but she wouldn’t budge.   One by one the women trickled in and they were all attractive.  My cock was at full attention peeking through the lacy panties she made me wear.  They looked and touched me like I was an animal.  Everyone sat down to hear the Mistress’s announcement about me,   I really thought I was going to die, i was mortified.   She put a pillow in front of me and told me to start humping the pillow.  I didn’t know what to do… I laid on the pink fuzzy pillow and moved on it back in forth.  One of the women spanked my ass and told me to go faster.  The women laughed while drinking a cup coffee.  My cock was going to explode.  If I came, I would be in more trouble and I really didn’t want to be caned.  “My goodness, we’ve got a pillow humper!!!”  They laughed and started making jokes while one woman came up to me and told me she would love to use my face as a sex toy.  I almost lost it, but kept control.  They all formed a circle around me and started making fun of me and I couldn’t help myself, I shot my pathetic load all over the pillow.  “What a loser!”  They began peeing all over me.  “This is what pillow humpers get when they blow a load on other peoples pillows!”  I was drenched with urine and cum and kept my head down until the last woman left.  Mistress Tracy told me that all is forgiven but that this would happen again if I was late in the future.

Message in the machine

I understand that everyone has valid questions and opinions,  but if you plan on sending an email and you don’t get a response,  then try to be patient and eventually it Will be addressed.  Sending nine more emails begging for a response is a bit selfish and will NOT get a response ever!  Imagine if you were to receive 75 emails in one single day,  and if you have actual work to do,  and just don’t have enough time in the day, then it doubles the next day and so on.