Worthless little slut



DCF 1.0I watched the Mistress open the wardrobe closet and pick out a pair of shiny red heels. ¬†She ordered me to put them on, ¬†and to walk around the room with a book on my head. ¬†I ¬†imagined being the chair that she sat on, ¬†being suffocated by her magnificent ass. ¬† ¬†In a stern voice she said, “If the book falls, you will pay.” ¬†I was very careful not to drop the book. ¬†She gestured for me to put on a pair of black stockings, a silky shirt and red gloves to match the red shoes I was wearing. ¬†I felt so feminine with the stockings on. ¬†I was instructed to walk with the book on my head, ¬†but this time, ¬†curtsey when in front of my Mistress. ¬†The book wobbled and I knew that it was going to fall and it did. ¬†She stood up and looked like a giantess. ¬†“Lay on the bed you ungrateful slut!” I was so worried and felt powerless to say anything, but did as she instructed. ¬†She put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. ¬†A spreader bar was attached to the cuffs and then chained up to the ceiling to expose my ass, with my legs lifted up in the air. ¬†I was so humiliated! ¬†She told me that this is what happens to sissies that misbehave and then shoved a ¬†plug in my ass. ¬†It felt sexy and then…WACK! ¬†She caned me several times until I cried. ¬†“You’re a worthless little slut, ¬†and the only thing you’re good at is taking a cock.” ¬†She climbed on me and smiled real big, whispered in my ear. ¬† “I’m going to use you like the little whore that you are.” ¬†My cock was so hard as she pulled the plug out and replaced it with a dildo attached to her strap on. ¬†She was gentle at first and I was in heaven and then she proceeded to fuck the living s*&t out of me!

The powder room



Lipstick-Wearing-Sissy-HusbandI blushed when she told me to strip. She was even more beautiful than what my friend had described to me. I took off my clothes and kneeled before her as I was instructed. She stood up and circled me like i was on display at an art gallery. “Beauty is within you, they will see.” I was collared and led by a shiny black leash to a bedroom with lots of womens clothing and makeup. She began putting makeup on my face. I tried to keep from getting hard, but her legs were so hot in her stockings and I could see her nipples through her dress. She looked down an saw what I was hoping she wouldn’t notice. Immediately she had me over her knee telling me what a bad girl I was and that I had to pay. My ass stung so bad. I wanted to cry because she wouldn’t let up. Eventually she stopped and said “That floppy piece of skin is useless. You will learn that your pussy is what will open doors for you.”

To be continued…


Making an appointment





I sat at my desk trying to review a major case, but my mind kept lingering.  I could feel the blood rushing to my cock just thinking of wearing lingerie.  I had joined a few sites that deal with fetishes like mine,  and met a guy that has similar thoughts.  He told me that I should go see a Dominatrix and that it really helped him peel away layers and come to grips with the other side of himself.  He gave me a number to call, but I kept thinking that it was too risky,  and that I could lose my practice if I got caught.  I dialed the number several times and immidiately hung up.
A few weeks had gone by and my barber handed me a mirror to make sure the back was was short enough. ¬†I saw a beautiful female version of myself gazing back at me. “That’s it, i’m going to call that domme the minute I get out of here!” ¬†I dialed her phone number from memory, and to my surprise she answered. ¬†My hands were shaking a little while listening to her sexy voice. ¬†The soonest she had available was at the end of the month. ¬†I really had no idea there was that kind of waiting period to see a dominatrix. ¬†I wrote my friend online and told him I made the appointment. ¬†He told me that I was lucky to get an appointment that soon, ¬†and to take it as a sign that it was “meant to be”. ¬†I was so excited after hearing about what he did in his session, that I wore my pink panties to bed!
The morning of the appointment, I looked in the mirror to find my feminine face starring back at me. ¬†“Do I want to do this?” ¬†I struggled with my alter ego ¬†for months and knew that this could potentially help me. Putting the mirror down, I picked up my briefcase and left for my appointment.

To be continued…