Competition for amusement


Slave elizabeth stood motionless while being fitted into her black shiny hood and latex stockings. I cinched her corset to give her a seventeen inch waist, making her resemble a barbie doll. Her breathing became shallow, and I could tell she was eager to get started. She is to show Me what she has learned by giving slave j a blow job to completion within eight minutes. If she fails, she will be banished from the dungeon for three months.

Slave e crawled like a kitten to slave j’s willing cock, and took him into her little whore mouth. I pulled on her chain to slow down and to tease him. He tried not to move but I could tell he was on the brink of cumming in her pretty little mouth..Slave j is to practice control and to keep from cumming or he will be banished. Whoever does what is expected of him/her will get to stay and be My personal slave for three months.



Stop poisoning America!!!





Why do I have to spend three…four…five TIMES the amount of money to put food that isn’t poisonous into My body????  My grocery bill for one person is the same as a family of five that shops blindly at the local walmart.  Ask yourself WHY that is?  Have you ever wondered?  Doesn’t it cost more to use pesticides anyway?  Have you ever wondered why that same family of five,  has a bunch of doctor bills that they can’t pay because they develop diabetes, cancer, or even heart disease from the crap that they put in their mouth (cream, candy, fried foods etc…)?  Does’t that hurt our economy by not being able to pay outrageous hospital bills, missed work ect…?  I’m sure this very topic has come up a million times, but SHIT!!! ISN’T IT TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING BODIES BY ONLY BUYING ORGANIC SO IT PUTS THE NON ORGANIC FARMERS EITHER OUT OF BUSINESS OR THEY ARE FORCED STOP POISONING US????  

Phew feeling better already. 😀

Back in the saddle again…

It’s been so long since the last time I posted.  I couldn’t type too much because of an overtraining injury.  It put me out of commission for a whole month!  No training, no working no NOTHING.  Worst time of My life.  I’m so excited to be mostly pain free,  but still have to be careful not to reinjure myself.  Looking forward to getting back into seeing more submissives and writing again. 🙂  _MG_3660