slave y


Slave y stood next to the baggage claim waiting for her Mistress.  As the Mistress walked up to her, she noticed the collar under the slaves coat.   Y lowered her eyes to the floor and waited for her orders.   “Hello y.”  The Mistress Extended her hand out for y to kiss.  With a pleased look on the Mistress’s face, she ordered y to take the luggage to the town car and wait for her.  The Mistress got in the car and told the driver to take the scenic route.  She said in a soft voice, “Take off your panties.”  Y was shy but did as she was told.  “I want to look at my property.”  She came close and then stopped with hesitation.  “You DO want to please your Mistress, don’t you?”  The Mistress put her finger in the slaves wet pussy and told her to remain very still.  She became excited and pushed her hungry cunt closer.  As she was about to cum,  the Mistress stopped, and put y over her knee and caressed her sexy ass.  The Mistress pulled out a rounded paddle.  Y’s breathing became very heavy and then taking her by surprise…..*SMACK*!!!!  The Mistress spanked her hard and told her to never to disobey her again..


Cop t sissy cop

This slave bothered Me and Mistress Mia for years through texts and bogus calls.  We called him cop t sissy cop… photo-103He finally worked up the courage to visit Me,  and lets just say he was in for quite the surprise!  He brought a dildo gag hoping that I would enjoy myself on it.  lol  Well things didn’t work out for him,  and he ended up getting a very large cock in his little pussy hole!!!  He cried PICKLE (safe word) a few times begging for mercy! 😉