Slave t


photo-109After failed attempts to get the¬†manager to get maintenance out to fix the dishwasher, I resorted to blackmail. ¬† The manager has to fix it himself, ¬†and take a harsh punishments for ignoring my requests. ¬†If he doesn’t comply then i’ll go to his superiors and ¬†get him fired. ¬†He agreed and now he is known as slave t. ¬† I tied him to my saint andrews cross and whipped, caned and paddled him mercilessly!¬†



Clown fetish



Driving past a carwash I noticed a clown washing his car. ¬†Curiosity got the best of me and I had to turn around and ask him about his costume. ¬†While he explained that he had lost a bet a long time a go, he allowed me to take a photo. ¬†Taking a closer look at the funny clown’s attire, ¬†his clothing looked like it had be worn quite a bit. ¬†I told him it was ok to be himself. ¬†He looked at me with relief in his eyes and confessed that he came to this carwash once a month, ¬†to get his clown fetish out of his system. ¬†I smiled and gave him a business card and went on my way. ūüôā