Disrespectful slaves

The Mistress was beautiful, so I knew she was going to have a hard time dominating me. Pretty women rarely have much going on upstairs. I walked into her playspace and and she told me to get on my knees before i was allowed to speak. I did, but really wanted to haul ass knowing that this was a waste of time. I said something that set her off. She immediately jumped up from her throne and knocked me forward onto the ground, face down. She said “There is no cussing in my dungeon.” I replied “shit! my bad.. sorry.” The next thing I felt was her high heel digging into my face. “You will speak only when you have permission and that might be a very long time, you disrespectful slave!” The rest of the session with the Mistress was so intense and exactly what I needed.1238835_195072037338331_184752955_n

Even Dominas get frustrated…

I’m really getting sick of people calling that have no intentions to come see me for a session, they just want to talk about bdsm.  I have a niteflirt button that they can use for that!  One other thing that is exhausting and kind of silly is when i get asked if I do corporal punishment, humiliation ect… Really?  WHAT PRO DOMINA DOESN’T DO THOSE THINGS????? I have a website with everything you need to know,  so why not USE IT?  Ugggggggggeddie_murphy_beverly_hills_cop