Public session



I met  Mistress Tracy at a five star restaurant in the dead of winter.  She greeted me with a warm embrace. Looking very sexy in her sleek black dress, she whispered in my ear “go the the bathroom and put the device in you.  It’s in your jacket.. .”  She had slipped a plug into my pocket when we hugged.    I did as I was told without hesitation.    While exchanging banter I could not stop looking at her dainty neck.  I wanted to kiss her softly and please her.  As the waitress took my order, I felt a mild sensation in my ass.  I swallowed hard and felt like everyone around me was staring and knew what was happening.   The Mistress told me that if I moved, she would inform the waitress what was happening.  Mistress Tracy looked me in eye and spoke softly with her ruby red lips “I want you to run your tongue up My legs and kiss me.” I started to get really uncomfortable down there.  She kept on and on until my cock had just about exploded,  but was saved by the most disturbing jolt in my asshole.  She had shot me with so much electricity that I was able to come back down to reality.  This happened two more times with even more intensity.  By the end of the night, I had so much pre cum in my underwear, I couldn’t wait to get home and take a shower. 

The Best Soap Opera on TV!

e1Horsey-jpg-1I spent a few months last summer nursing a sports injury,  doing what most house wives in America do…Watching the most dramatic news on TV.

Hands down Fox is the most dramatic show on tv.  Getting charged up with news alerts almost every hour on the hour,  about things that we will soon discard once the next big story happens.  Women wearing short skirts,  and toes squished up in their Louboutins,   thick eye lashes and both sexes sporting so much makeup you would think they were competing in a Drag show.  Shooting down political figures and feeding the conspiracy theorists their daily bread,  had me glued to the tv to see what they would spew out next!  The  commercial that stood out the most,  was one with a guy named William Devain.  The actor seems to be exploiting anyone that remembers the Great Depression and how important it was that you had to buy gold to put in your safe.   The fair and honest ladies from, with their cheap wigs and over inflamed bodies,  pound it into your head that you can actually gamble legally online,  for just about anything,  and win,  provided you spend five times the money that it normally costs.  Fox isn’t usually right, but it sure got me through the dull drums of being stuck with nothing to do. 🙂