One year later

photo-141Last year I was badly injured while training for my first Triathlon.  I remember laying in bed in pain watching live coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing.  It hit me hard that day with tears and rage.  First my shoulder then a few weeks later, the back of my knee.  Not being able to walk without a knee brace until August 2013 was a nightmare!   I wasn’t able to jog until the beginning of this year.  Today I ran six miles for the first time since  early April 2013.  It’s very humbling to realize that anything can happen, to anyone.  






Discretion is so important to me and should be to anyone seeing a Pro-Domme.  From the time a submissive makes contact with a Domina,  to when he leaves the session.  That means a variety of things.  The obvious ones are having the smarts to review her website so the sub doesn’t ask risky questions like..How much? Do you do xyz?  If it’s clearly listed then why ask?  Submissives, you were given a brain…USE IT!  If you own a very expensive swanky car, it may draw unwanted attention.  Why not invest in an average car or rent one to use for play?  There’s nothing worse then drawing attention to yourself when you clearly would not want your boss to know what your up to.   Discretion goes both ways, I’m discreet and I expect you to be as well!