Happy New Year!

Summarizing 2014 

I learned how to do needle play, use a vac bed, shave someones balls without a knick and carve fresh ginger into a butt plug. 😉

I started running again and got up to 9 1/2 miles!

Moving into my new studio (August 2014) was a huge step and the investment was a lot more than expected. It was very stressful and mistakes were made which led to my downfall. Another injury took center stage in October which led me further down the rabbit hole and almost lost the studio. Today,  I’m much better and so thankful to everyone that has supported me through this ordeal.

2014 was a great year! I was fortunate enough to meet and play with some exceptional players and look forward to more encounters with you all, and some new ones as well. :)New Years Eve will be spent at home with a few of my closest friends. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great time tonight and stay safe!