Adventures in Oahu, Hawaii

The first day was spent driving around getting the lay of the land, securing our hotels and getting situated. 

Second day the fun began by breaking the rules and eating the most greasiest cheeseburger and french fries on the strip.  I hadn’t sunIMG_1795k my teeth in gluten, dairy or cow in at least two years.  This was the first of many moments that were truly heaven on earth.

It was a good thing we ate heavy and continued to,  because with all the walking we did for the next six days it helped to have something that filled us up longer than three hours like healthy food does.

We started at the Pearl Harbor exhibit






and the ended up at the Byodo-inn temple.




Talk about eye candy!  Later on we discovered a thai restaurant called Phucket Thai. IMG_7846

They have the best curry I’ve ever tasted in my life!IMG_1898


The thai tea was so freaking amazing, I wanted to cry.

The third day we went to China Town and ate the best pho of our life! 

We saw some asian crack whores and lots of bums.  I’ve never seen so many exotic fruits and vegetables.

Later on we drove to the North shore, where the beaches are supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world.IMG_2320

The drive isn’t far but the traffic is shitty getting out of Waikiki. If we want to go a mile, it will take 10-15 minutes.   We tried snorkeling for the first time at Sharks Cove, but failed miserably because of the strong currents and the beach being just rocks and water. IMG_1953

The blue green sparkley water was enough to just gaze at.   We ended up at a beach called Three Tables and enjoyed the rest of our day snorkling.IMG_2009

Fourth day we ate at a place called Eggs and Things.eggsNthings_pp

We walked a mile and half (practically everytime we wanted to eat we walked at least a mile or so) and then waited in line for another 45 minutes for sustenance.  Best damn macadamia nut, coconut pancakes with coconut syrup that blew my mind.  Talk about subspace!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMmmmmmmmm yep.  We hung out on the beach and messed around for the rest of the day and then went to Seafood Village, same place Obama and Bush ate at for my bday dinner.  Most delicious asian food i’ve ever put in my mouth!!!!  Considering that we were the minority in oahu, 70% asians and natives 10% american (maybe) 20% Europeans, the asian food should be excellent!

The fifth day we sailed on a catamaran and snorkeled with a small group of you guessed it.. asian tourists!  I saw the biggest turtles and pretty fishes ever!IMG_2188

After seeing a scuba diver way down deep in the waters, i’ve decided to get certified myself so I can be totally rad and enjoy all the beauty the sea has to offer.  🙂 

Later on in the day we decided to take a hike at the Manoa waterfalls. waterfall1

I’ve never in my life been in a rain forest much less hiked.  The humidity must have been 300 percent.   It ended up being very rewarding once we made it to the top overlooking the waterfall.  Going back down was a different story,  I was a little uneasy about walking down a steep hill of slippery steep rocks at dusk but ended up making it ok. 🙂

The sixth day I got woke up in the middle of the night,  by warnings on my phone that the island was flooding and a hurricane might hit.  The hotel intercom kept going off saying to stay on the premises.   It was a bit scary because my friends were down the street at another hotel. 

The rain let up later in the day so we decided to hike diamond head which didn’t seem much like a hike, but more like walking up a stair master to the top of a volcano.  To end the night we attended an indoor luau at the Hilton because of the rain.  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.  It was extremely lame…

The seventh day we drove back to the North Shore and walked through Waimea falls botanical gardenIMG_2385IMG_2420

FullSizeRender-3and saw the waterfall that Lost the tv show was filmed at.IMG_2436-2

It was lovely.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach boogie boarding, eating shaved ice and watching the sunset. IMG_2531

Went back to waikiki and ate lobster macaroni and cheese and a big fat burger!

The last day we checked out of our hotels and spent the rest of the day shopping for souvenirs and trying to avoid  massive flooding and crazy traffic!