Trip to Maui 2016

I had such a wonderful time in Maui. Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime.IMG_0020

After an eight hour flight we were pleasantly surprised to walk into our
dream condo. Right off the water we stayed on the 12th floor with 1800 sq ft.   It had beautiful views from each window. The oversized windows overlooked either the ocean, mountains or both.


The second day, we decided to drive to Hana on the Hana Highway which is famous for
being like the “garden of eden”. The drive was steep and winding the whole way there. The views were breathtaking on your right are full of waterfalls gushing with fresh clear water, mountainous cliffs, taro plants, fruit trees, lush green everywhere. On your left is the bluest ocean sea that goes on forever.

We went to a few beaches that are unusual like a black sand beach called Wai’anapanapa.


We snorkeled at Hamoa beach,  a place that Ernest Hemingway thought was the best beach in the world.







goproosnorkletraceThe Third day we went on a boat to the Molokini crater for some of the best snorkeling on the island. Of course we never made it there or Turtle town because of the weather. This was the second time we got the shaft on a tour boat in Hawaii.


Another easy hike to lao valley


The forth day we went on a morning hike a few miles down from our hotel. It was an easy trail but gorgeous anyway. We choose this one because we wanted to catch a sea
urchin in one of the fresh water pools. Our intent was to gut it and eat the little bastard. All we found were small ones,  which meant they had nothing in them worth
cracking open. We did take some scenic pictures and got in some exercise so we wouldn’t feel guilty eating like pigs.


The food was sooooooo delicious, but the price tag is like getting wallet raped everyday. Doesn’t matter if you eat out or cook.


The fifth day we discovered Big beach and little beach. The big beach is fun but dangerous. The shore brakes can and have broke peoples backs and sometimes have been killed. We timed getting into the water just right and had a great time despite the life guard announcing every so often you could lose your life or be paralyzed if you try to boogie board or surf there. Little beach was a steep little hike to a smaller beach consisting of nude men and women. They all had the same barbecued skin and all huddled together while laying out. Me and my friends decided we’d take our chances at “break neck beach”.






There’s a lot of fantastic art work and incredibly expensive.




The sixth day we stayed close to home and relaxed on the beach.  We enjoyed eating out on the terrace watching the waves from our fabulous condo. It was a perfect end to a perfect vacation.


Getting much needed rest from everything, the trip has rejuvenated me enough that I can finally get back to work and give a hundred percent.