Moving AGAIN

It’s been a total nightmare since day one at the new location so we’ve decided to move the studio again!   Now that Texas is having 100 degree days, its impossible to cool the place down below 77 degrees. I’ve spent too much money trying to fix everything and make things bearable. It’s not an option to wear leather or latex at that temperature. We have another studio lined up already and are waiting to hear on the actual move in date. In the mean time we will be accepting sessions everyday but this Thursday.   The process starts with breaking the rooms down one at a time so at least one room can still be played in at the old location and will get at least one room up at the new location by Friday to play in.  Hope everything goes back to normal soon because a new shipment of latex outfits just arrived.   

The studio is almost ready!!!

The new studio is taking more time than expected but will open on June 4th.  We’ve gotten to all the vital stuff but the decorating is not finished.  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Between water leaks, horrible paint color scheme, smaller space than was promised, dirty as hell, loose knobs, garage not working and being one that doesn’t fit anything bigger than a mid size car etc…It has been incredibly expensive and time consuming to get this place close to what we had envisioned.  It’s starting to come together-Thank GOD!   Looking forward to playing with all of you soon!