Slave t


photo-109After failed attempts to get the manager to get maintenance out to fix the dishwasher, I resorted to blackmail.   The manager has to fix it himself,  and take a harsh punishments for ignoring my requests.  If he doesn’t comply then i’ll go to his superiors and  get him fired.  He agreed and now he is known as slave t.   I tied him to my saint andrews cross and whipped, caned and paddled him mercilessly! 



Competition for amusement


Slave elizabeth stood motionless while being fitted into her black shiny hood and latex stockings. I cinched her corset to give her a seventeen inch waist, making her resemble a barbie doll. Her breathing became shallow, and I could tell she was eager to get started. She is to show Me what she has learned by giving slave j a blow job to completion within eight minutes. If she fails, she will be banished from the dungeon for three months.

Slave e crawled like a kitten to slave j’s willing cock, and took him into her little whore mouth. I pulled on her chain to slow down and to tease him. He tried not to move but I could tell he was on the brink of cumming in her pretty little mouth..Slave j is to practice control and to keep from cumming or he will be banished. Whoever does what is expected of him/her will get to stay and be My personal slave for three months.



Office slavery

 I knew that my boss was going to promote me.  Not to be cocky, but i’m handsome and women have a hard time saying “no”.  I’ve seen the way she looks at me.  I bet she has a permanent wet spot in her panties.  I would love to just fuck the shit out of her on her desk.  She sat down and took a look at my file and started asking me questions about the accounts I set up a few months ago.  At first I told her I couldn’t remember and then I made up some stuff that sounded good.  Her face turned sour as she stood up and told me to start over and this time tell her the truth.  She reminded me that my job was on the line.  I was scared because I could go to prison if she knew the whole story.  Screw the job… I fumbled around and made up another story.  She looked furious.  She told me that she knew EVERYTHING,  and that my life was in her hands now.  She demanded that I  get down on the ground like a dog.  I hesitated, and then she pulled me to my knees by my ear and cried out  “you will do everything I tell you to do,  for as long as I want.. you little WORM!”  My promotion was to be her bitch boy for years to come.  After five years of mental and sexual abuse, she eventually got tired of me.  I found out later that every five years she sets up some arrogant guy to make him believe he committed a crime so she can blackmail him into doing whatever she desires.boss