Competition for amusement


Slave elizabeth stood motionless while being fitted into her black shiny hood and latex stockings. I cinched her corset to give her a seventeen inch waist, making her resemble a barbie doll. Her breathing became shallow, and I could tell she was eager to get started. She is to show Me what she has learned by giving slave j a blow job to completion within eight minutes. If she fails, she will be banished from the dungeon for three months.

Slave e crawled like a kitten to slave j’s willing cock, and took him into her little whore mouth. I pulled on her chain to slow down and to tease him. He tried not to move but I could tell he was on the brink of cumming in her pretty little mouth..Slave j is to practice control and to keep from cumming or he will be banished. Whoever does what is expected of him/her will get to stay and be My personal slave for three months.



Christmas Eve



I couldn’t stand it anymore!  I wanted to please her so bad.  The hell with my pride!   Telling her with great humility, I confessed that I was going to rob her house and that I deserve whatever punishment I get.  Her eyes grew narrow and as she pursed her lips.  She took a deep breath and blew it in my face.  Her face became relaxed and then she busted out laughing and told me that I earned the idiot award.  “I can’t believe you let a bunch of strangers fuck your virgin ass,  just to tell me something I already knew”  She smiled and looked amused.   “You must be a masochist dear.”  Snapping her fingers at one of the other slaves, she met my eyes as she whispered in his ear.  The slave returned with a shiny black  box.  She told me to open the box and put it on.  It was a pair of leather pants, collar and leash.  It felt good to wear clothes again.  She took the leash in her hand and led me to the living area.  Everyone had gone but her servants.  She ordered me to please her and I gladly did.  “Let me see My cock.” I opened my fly and pulled the leather pants down to my ankles.  She caressed around my privates while gazing into my eyes.   “You are free to go tomorrow.”  


The end…


Two days before Christmas



She was so regal,  I wanted to worship her body for the rest of my life. She had a sense of pride mixed in with strength and confidence.  Her servants unchained me,  but left the chastity device on.  “Take him to My chambers.”  Her bedroom was very inviting, with candles, tapestries and the smell of incense burning.  I was to entertain the Mistress or she would punish me again.  I became very anxious that she would grow tired of me and throw me to the wolves again.  While telling her a joke that was told to me a few weeks a go, she raised her voice and almost kicked me in my private parts.  “ENOUGH!  Lick My boots slave boy, and make sure they shine.”  I did what she asked and then she started directing me to kiss and lick her thighs all the way up to her panties.  Kissing her gently and carefully up her magnificent thigh, I could smell her sweet scent.  My cock became desperate to push out of it’s jail cell, while a steady stream of pre cum left it’s cage.  She pulled her panties to the side, to reveal her gorgeous mound and told me that my lips would never touch her goddess lips unless I confessed…



To be continued…


Three days before Christmas




The Mistress attached some kind of device over my wick and put a collar around my neck like an animal.  She led me down a dark hallway by a velvet leash.  I mildly glanced into one of the rooms and noticed a woman with her legs spread eagle on a bed in the middle of the room.  She looked so hot with her thigh highs and look of lust in her eyes.  There was a handsome man caged right behind her. My manhood ached from the device Mistress Tracy put on me.  The last room on the right was where I was to sleep for the night.  The rope was removed only to be replaced with heavy chains and padlocks.  “In the morning you will confess my little pet.”  She turned off the light and closed the rot iron door behind her.  I had almost fallen asleep but was fully woken up by a loud thump.  Heavy breathing and moaning from one of the rooms close by,  kept me from passing out.  The torture my cock was enduring was cruel.  I was so tired and all I could think about was Mistress Tracy coming in and releasing me from chastity.  My desire for my  capturer was stronger than any other feeling i’ve ever encountered.  The door opened and my heart stopped.  


To be continued…

Four days before Christmas



I was in a state of shock and so was my behind.  Someone inserted a toy that zapped and pulsated the crap out of my asshole.  I wanted to scream,  but the gag that was forced into my mouth was no ordinary gag.  It propped my mouth open and strange men were jacking off directly into my mouth.  I gagged and coughed out as much gizz as I could,  but the thick liquid slid down my throat.  Tears raced down my face while  the party enjoyed their fuck doll.  Mistress Tracy had changed into a rubber wet suit and had a large black cock attached to her.  She picked up a whip and told me to count each lash,  and to thank her or she would call the cops.  I followed her directions to a T and she eventually stopped at twenty lashes.  She caressed my penis and made it hard within seconds.  Sliding her black cock deep  inside my hole felt good.  I was so turned on and excited that I almost came, but she put a stop to that.  “There’s no pleasure for liars.” 


To be continued…


Seven days before Christmas


Something poked me from behind,  “Hey dip shit!”  a woman whispered into my ear sarcastically.  “Go a head and cry out for help, no ones going to hear you.”  The next thing I know she’s towering over me like a giantess, making me feel very uncomfortable.  She was a gorgeous sexpot wearing silky white stockings and no panties.  The way she had her mouth wrapped around that candy cane woke my cock up immediately.  My mind raced rapidly,  looking for anything logical to explain all of  this.   Maybe she’s a horny nimpho wanting to jump my bones.  How did I get from the basement to here?  Man, she’s smoking hot… The sultry vixen looked me over like I was some science project,  while poking me with her candy cane.  In a bubbly voice she added  “You have two choices…Do what I tell you to do.. or go to jail.  Which is it gonna be?”  She kept licking her lips and giving her candy cane a blow job.   Being nude in front of her made me feel vulnerable,  but turned on at the same time.  The animal in me wanted to break free from the ropes and fuck her for days.  Oh crap, there’s somebody else in the room….I knew this was too good to be true…


To be continued…


Eight days before Christmas

Eight days before Christmas 



The last house on my to do list looked dark and vacant, just the way I liked it.  In and out, easy cheesy.  I pried open the basement window and crawled through like a cat.  Turning on the flashlight,  I was able to find the stairs.  Quickly moving up the staircase,  stupid me didn’t look where I was going.  I  fell down and made enough racket to wake the entire neighborhood.  Hearing foot steps from upstairs sent my heart racing and to top it off my pants are stuck on something sharp!  Theres no place to hide either.  I panicked but sat quietly, hoping some asshole doesn’t see me and point a shotgun at my face.   The footsteps became louder and that’s when the door opened and a female voice called down and said “If I were you, I’d stop trying to move.”.  That was super weird.  She didn’t seem scared or mad at all.  The door closed behind her and it was quiet again.  I turned my flashlight back on,  so I could get my pants leg free and then heard a noise.   I shined the flashlight towards the sound and then almost jumped out of my skin.  The person was wearing all black.  Might have been leather or something.  He was gagged, and bound to black leather straps that seem to be intertwined into his clothes.  It was hard to tell, but it sure was freaky!  I finally got free and bolted to the window, but I couldn’t get the thing open.  The window was clearly stuck and so I quickly tried breaking the window with the flashlight, which wasn’t happening either.  “What is this,  bullet proof glass?”    The next thing I know, I’m staring at a Christmas tree.   I tried to move but i’m tied up so tight, I can barely breathe.  “How the hell did I get here!?!”  


To be continued…