Eight days before Christmas

Eight days before Christmas 



The last house on my to do list looked dark and vacant, just the way I liked it.  In and out, easy cheesy.  I pried open the basement window and crawled through like a cat.  Turning on the flashlight,  I was able to find the stairs.  Quickly moving up the staircase,  stupid me didn’t look where I was going.  I  fell down and made enough racket to wake the entire neighborhood.  Hearing foot steps from upstairs sent my heart racing and to top it off my pants are stuck on something sharp!  Theres no place to hide either.  I panicked but sat quietly, hoping some asshole doesn’t see me and point a shotgun at my face.   The footsteps became louder and that’s when the door opened and a female voice called down and said “If I were you, I’d stop trying to move.”.  That was super weird.  She didn’t seem scared or mad at all.  The door closed behind her and it was quiet again.  I turned my flashlight back on,  so I could get my pants leg free and then heard a noise.   I shined the flashlight towards the sound and then almost jumped out of my skin.  The person was wearing all black.  Might have been leather or something.  He was gagged, and bound to black leather straps that seem to be intertwined into his clothes.  It was hard to tell, but it sure was freaky!  I finally got free and bolted to the window, but I couldn’t get the thing open.  The window was clearly stuck and so I quickly tried breaking the window with the flashlight, which wasn’t happening either.  “What is this,  bullet proof glass?”    The next thing I know, I’m staring at a Christmas tree.   I tried to move but i’m tied up so tight, I can barely breathe.  “How the hell did I get here!?!”  


To be continued…

cuckold fantasy

Slave v had been waiting almost a year to serve,  so I invited him back to my dungeon after the art show.  A muscular slave boy greeted us at the front door.  v wasn’t thrilled but he had waited a long time and wanted to serve no matter what.   The slave boy kept his head down, so all v noticed was his shaggy brown hair and ripped naked body.  I ordered the young slave to run me a bath and wait. Slowly whispering in v’s ear, “I’m—-gonna d-r-a-i-n My cock tonight”  It didn’t take long to see that v was very turned on and ready to please.   I kissed his eager lips and led him to the bedroom.  In an authoritative voice  “Take off your clothes slave”  v felt awkward since there was a man in the next room.   I unzipped my dress and let it drop to the wooden floor, revealing lacy black lingerie.  In a sweet voice,   “you can leave if you’re not up to it”  he took his clothes off quickly and awaited My order.   “Have a seat My pet.”   I tied his  wrists and ankles tightly to an antique chair,  at the foot of the canopy.  Seductively straddled the helpless slave to get a closer look at his pretty, almond shaped eyes.  his voice quickly became muffled, while a gag was being shoved in his mouth,  “Why are Yu blindfolding meh Mifstress?”  I left without a word and closed the door.  s and I chatted about current events  while relaxing in a tub of rose petals.   “Come and pleasure Me in bed”.  s was happy to hear that his Mistress favored him tonight. He had been trained well and knew exactly how to please.  Glancing over at v, his face was flushed and he looked pathetic.  I reached over to feel his hard cock, spitting on it and caressed his manhood.   I removed his blindfold and said in a soft voice,  “your penis is not big enough to please Me, so you’ll have to watch.”  v was furious and tried very hard to loosen the ropes,  but he couldn’t.  I slapped his face hard, “you will behave or you will never see Me again!”  v stopped struggling and tried to keep it together.    Sitting at the end of the bed right in front of the helpless slave, I rubbed my pussy and made him taste the juice from my fingers.   He moaned in agony.   With a devious look, I turned around to s  “Bring Me a wine glass slave!.”  s ran out of the room.  “I came hard and knew the urge to pee was coming.    s returned just in time for me to fill the glass.  Slowly and sensualy,  took the gag out of v’s mouth, coaxed him in a loving manner  “Drink Me”.  He drank with a wild look in his brown eyes.   Climbing back to s,  like a panther ready to eat its kill,  I forced s on his back and straddled him.  Taking his gorgeous cock inside my juicy cunt, I rode him slow and deep.  s begged for permission to cum and I denied him.   s was directed to sit at the edge of the bed facing v.  v’s cock looked swollen and he couldn’t stop thrusting his pelvis around.   I straddled My cock,  and rode him wildly until his white cream exploded inside Me.  v’s eyes became massive,  and he was ready to clean My cunt with great enthusiasm.