Dear Mrs Sadista Clause,…by slave d

Dear Mrs Sadista Clause,
I hope to see You at the Mall this weekend before Christmas for your annual public ball busting event.
 I can’t wait to wait in what I’m sure will be a long line of fellow men chomping at the bit to have their family jewels crushed before a large audience of happy and disturbed wives and children. Oh What Christmas Joy and Joy it is to step in to Your majestic temple like kiosk in the very middle of the shopping mall with all its Christmas Sadistic luster! The excitement begins as me and the family begin to hear in the distance the sound of joyous agony and barks of shear pleasure that come from the circle of men standing facing away from you,  knees bent,  to give access to their delicate jewels as You walk around one by one giving the what they deserve.
The thrill of seeing You in those black stiletto thigh high boots send chills through my man parts and the feel of your forceful busting of my genitals is enough to remind me of You all year till next Christmas.

Merry XXXmas

Little d

Part 2 by the Professor

Just as I could feel his cock starting to spurt cum I heard the woman laughing and clapping.

Mistress called out, “We have a winner.”

No sooner had as she said that, when the guy fell forward on to his knees and as he did because the two of our arms where still cuffed together behind our backs, I fell forward as well. He had now let go of my cock, just as I let go of his and with my free hand I tried to keep myself from falling flat on to my face against the floor.

I’m not sure if he had pulled me to the floor, or I him, but here we were both now face first, flat on the floor. That’s when I hear the woman almost yell, “Damn you pup. Now I can’t see the big Dog’s cock.”

I felt someone grab my cuffed arm. I was then released from the other guys arm, and someone was still holding my right arm behind my back and I hear the other woman. “Dog, give me your other arm.”

I moved my left arm behind me and she cuffed my arms together. “Stay Dog” was the command. With that she was now sitting on my ass, using me a foot stool while from the sound of it she was busy securing the other guy’s arms behind his back as well.

“Get up Pup. Damn it, just like home. You always cum too soon! “

He muttered, “I’m sorry.” Then I heard what must have been a slap across his face.

The woman immediately said, “Pup, I told you NO talking tonight. Not a word. Now you lost. You’re such a loser. Look your cock is going soft already. Well, you’ll now see what happens to losers and what winners get.”

I could hear the movement of furniture and then my Mistress saying to get up. I did and someone took an elbow moving me. I was then told to sit. As I sat and realized that I didn’t have much of a chair or rather much of a seat. The chair I had been told to sit on was straight high back chair but there was a pillow or two behind my back pushing my ass forward on the seat. I didn’t have much under my ass and it wouldn’t take much to have me slip off. Again someone was pulling at my arms. They were un-cuffed and pulled behind the chair and re-cuffed. That pulled my back into the pillows and moved my ass even further forward. Now whoever it was, pushed open my legs, and pulled them back to legs of the chair. My legs were now cuffed to the chair making very hard for me to stay on the seat. If it was Mistress or the woman they must have sensed this as I now felt rope going around my waist and being tied behind the back of the chair. Wow.. I now knew that I couldn’t slip off the seat as I was totally bound to the chair. But with my ass so far forward and legs spread, my cock and balls were so far forward they just dangled off into space.

I next felt Mistress’s leather gloved hand stroking my cock and balls. She whispered in my ear. “You’re such a good dog. I knew I had a champion. Now let’s see how long you can keep it hard without cumming.”

There were noises from movement in the room and eventually I felt a bare hand or hands playing with my cock. I must have been the woman and I would guess she was sitting on the floor between my legs. She had a thin rope or maybe a leather boot lace but she was busy wrapping and tying it around the base of my cock and balls. I felt a tongue stroking up my cock and then from behind I felt two leather gloves slide from you shoulders to my nipples. Yes it was Mistress’s breasts pushing into the back of my head as she pinched my nipples.

“Oh, nice work” Mistress said to the woman.

“There that should keep him from cumming. For a while.”

Mistress’s soft breath was in my ear, “Well Dog ready for your prize? You may have a bad case of blue balls before you get it”, and with that the blindfold was removed from my head and eyes.

There in front me sitting on the floor was really cute woman, naked, legs spread playing with her pussy. She was leaning against the couch head back with those small perky tits that I had felt earlier in my back pointing up. Mistress continued to pinch my nipples and was reaching down more with one hand to rub the tip of my cock. “Aren’t you glad you won, DOG? Look at that pathetic loser over there.”

I turned my head to finally see the fourth person in the room. The guy I had just jacked off. He was in a similar chair as I sat in and it looked like he was tied the same way. His legs were also spread and tied to the chair. I couldn’t help but look towards his cock which was forward of the chair but instead of being free and dangling it was locked in a CB-3000. He could see what was happening and he was staring at the woman and from the wedding ring going in and out of her pussy I assumed it was his wife.

She had three fingers inside herself and with her other hand she was furiously rubbing her clit. The sight of which made my cock strain at the binds around my balls and cock. At least my cock was standing straight up, this poor other guy’s cock couldn’t have gotten hard even if it wanted to with the CB-3000 on it. The woman was obviously about to have an orgasm as her breathing got heavy and her body started to shake. As she started to come down from her high she turned her head towards her husband and said, “Too bad you lost.” And in one motion she leaned forward and started to suck my cock.

Oh she was good. She was working on me has Mistress moved around to my thigh. The woman, without taking her mouth off my cock, twisted her body to get up on her knees. She was working my balls with one hand and turned her mouth to start licking Mistress’s pussy that just beside her head. She was now playing with her own clit with one hand, stroking my cock with her other and licking Mistress’s pussy. I could see the guy’s eyes bulging out of his head as he stared.

I could hear Mistress starting to moan and as she did she pushed the woman’s head back and Mistress just dropped her body on to my lap. She straddled by legs and hips. She had her back to me as the woman on her knees guided my cock up into Mistress’s pussy. Mistress leaned back pushing her back into my chest and started to grind her hips on my cock. She still had on a leather corset and her leather gloves, but that was it. The woman went to work on Mistress’s clit while still, squeezing and playing with my balls.

Oh, MY, GOD… I wanted to cum. That leather strap or rope or whatever it was, was so tight around the base of my shaft it just wouldn’t allow anything to shoot up my cock. I was rock hard and getting harder. Yes, this is what they call blue balls.

After a while I felt Mistress orgasm and then again. With the second orgasm she leaned back and lifted her hips just a little bit which made my cock pop out of her. It was still sticking straight up and the woman’s mouth was now back on it cleaning Mistress’s cream off me. She then started licking Mistress’s pussy again while pulling down on my balls. My stiff cock was slapping her cheek as she was doing it.

Her husband made a sound, a small plea. He was mumbling that he needed to be released. With that the woman jumped up and when to him. She slapped his face and reached down pulling on his balls. “What don’t you understand about NO talking? You lost. Deal with.” I could see her go over to a bag in the corner of the room and pull out a gag. She when back to her husband and held it in front of his face. He shook his head back and forth signaling NO, and he won’t open his mouth. I could see the gag. It was styled in the shape of a cock. She went behind him and grabbed his hair on the top of head. With that she yanked the hair and his head backwards and down. This made his mouth pop open so she could stuff the rubber cock in his mouth. She used the straps to secure it behind his head and then came back to Mistress and I. “May I have a turn?”

With that Mistress got up off my lap. The woman turned my chair with me in it a little more towards her husband and then mounted me the same way Mistress had been sitting. My cock inside her. Her legs spread and as she leaned back on to my chest with one arm up around my head she was rubbing her clit once again as her husband stared at us both.

Mistress had gone and gotten herself a drink as was now sitting on the couch taking it all in. As the woman brought herself off a couple of times while riding my cock it was obvious she was a squirter. I got was soaking wet. She was almost exhausted and Mistress was laughing. I was in pain with blue balls but still hard and bound in leather. Mistress went and got a toy and returned. She stood between my legs and kissed the woman who was still resting her back on my chest. As they deeply kissed, Mistress was playing with one of her nipples and I felt the vibrations of a toy now hitting the woman’s clit and my balls, as the woman came again. My breathing was starting to get heavy and even with my bound cock bound was about to cum soon.

The woman was now so exhausted that she was a limp rag as Mistress lifted her off my cock and moved her to couch. Once she did that Mistress told me I was a good dog and it was soon going to be my turn to cum. She knelt down and started moving the leather boot lace from my cock and balls. God they were swollen and I was ready to cum. Next she when and started releasing the other guy from the chair. She pulled him up leaving his arms cuffed behind his back. Next she brought him over to his wife.

The wife spoke. “I hope you enjoyed the show, LOSER. Now it’s time for me to watch. Kneel.” She ordered. He did and she leaned forward removing his gag. “Now turn and give the big DOG his prize for winning?”

The guy said, “What? I thought you fucking him was the prize?”

With that she slapped his face really, really, hard and told him to turn and suck my cock. My Mistress now had her riding crop in her hands and hit him on his form arm. As he turned while in a kneeling position his wife pushed his head towards my cock. “NO” he said. With that, while still sitting on the couch she kicked him from behind right in the balls. He winced in pain, and so help me tears were in his eyes.

“That chastity device isn’t coming off this time, unless you give big DOG his prize for winning. He made you cum now you have to make him cum LOSER.” With that he said NO one more time and she kicked him once again in the balls.

That’s when my Mistress took him by the hair pulling his face up to look him right in the eyes. She said, “You lost. My Dog won. He has a bad case of blue balls right now and you can either suck his cock or we’ll tie you up and let him fuck you up the ass. Your choice.”

As she let go of his hair he leaned forward and stared to suck my cock. The woman cuddled on the couch and watched. As they giggled I tried to hold off as long as I could but eventually the guy managed to make me blow. And OH… MY … GOD was it a big one. I close my eyes to the sound of clapping and cheering as I was now the one exhausted.

Fantastic story by the Professor other wise known as  iTeach on collar me.  😉

So one day I get a text from Mistress, saying she wants to play.   Now I’ve submitted to this woman in the past and NO we don’t get together on any regular basis but I do enjoy being a sub, and she enjoys being in control, so really what was there to think about.   I replied “Yes Mistress, what time do you wish me to be at your home?” 

A prompt reply came which read, “9:00 PM Slave.  Wear a tee-shirt, sandals and a pair of pants but NO underwear.”


That made me laugh, as she always wanted me commando ever since the one time she struggled get my underwear off, over my stiff cock.


I arrived exactly at 9:00 that evening.  Just as I was about to ring the doorbell, if felt my heart race a bit.  It does this when I know I’m going to be submitting to a woman and subject to being punished if I don’t do as she wishes.  This would be about the sixth time we had “PLAYED” together.   So far every time it was just the two of us, but in our chats and emails she had asked if I was open to playing with others.   She had expressed a desire to expand her circle of friends and her experiences as a Mistress.


The door opened and like in the past she backed up a little but still facing me so I could see her all her splendor.  There she was every bit of a Dominatrix with her leather corset, fishnet stockings and those leather boots that just went up and up.   In her leather gloved hands was a riding crop, but all I could see was those RED, RED, RED lips.


The command came, “Strip slave”.   Off came my clothes and as I folded my pants and shirt to place on the side table near  the front door (Just as she had instructed me in the past), I noticed she had brought some of her toys out to the front. 


Arms out she ordered as she picked up the wrist cuffs.  She put them on me as she told me to turn around and kneel.  I did as I was told.  It was seconds later I felt, her placing ankle cuffs on me.  Next came the collar.  God how I feel totally enslaved when a collar is placed on me.  It is that moment that I know there is no going back now.  I’m hers until released.  


“Put your hands behind your back”, was the next thing I heard and immediately she clipped the cuffs together.  I was thinking, “Yes I am a slave now”, as I heard the snap of a leash being attached to my collar.  Next and this was new she pulled a blindfold over my head from behind.  I couldn’t see a thing.


“Stand and turn”, she commanded.  I did as best I could with my arms bound behind me.  As I stood I immediately felt her leather hand touching my chest and giving my nipples a twist.  Her free hand roamed my body as I felt the tug of the leash in her other one.  Her hand rubbed my ass and cupped my balls. She stroked my very hard cock and then she slapped the tip while telling me that I had better keep that up tonight as she wants to play with it.


She also told me that tonight was not to talk under any circumstances.  I was to remain silent all night and I was only to respond to the name DOG.  Mmmm…. My mind raced a bit as this was a very new to what she had done in the past.


Now every Mistress has things they enjoy doing with a slave and NO I don’t mean that a Mistress can ever be taken for granted but even Mistress’s can have a bit of a routine when it comes to play.  So my mind was trying to guess what I was in store for.  


Based on past play and what Mistress had told me, I did know that she enjoyed making and watching a male slave masturbate.   Each time in the past she had made me jack-off for her at some time during our evening session.  


So with a squeeze of my balls and tug of the lease she said, “Come Dog your mine tonight”.  We started walking.


I had gone a short distance and I figured we were in her family room where she and I had played before.


She had me stand and she told me to widen my legs a bit.  I did and then I felt a hand cupping my balls again and rubbing my cock but a naked hand no leather glove.  How did she pull that glove off so fast?  But I couldn’t see.   She moved around behind me and the unclipped my arms.  I felt her two arms come around my back reaching for my chest and nipples.  That’s when I realized that it wasn’t my Mistress doing this to me.  Whoever it was shorter and could barely reach my nipples.  As they leaned in, the breasts that were pushing into my back were much smaller than Mistress’s.  Yes there was someone else in the room.


Whoever it was walked around me and after their inspection, moved to the chesterfield which I was pretty sure I was facing. 


“Grab your cock and be ready to cum for me!” That was the order I heard from Mistress.  Just as I did so, I hear Mistress again speak, “Stop” she said.  “Is that the hand you normally jack-off with PUP?”  Funny I thought she wanted to call me DOG tonight.  I nodded my head up and down in a YES motion.  An odd question as she had seen me masturbate more than a few times and each time I would use my left hand.


I could hear some very quiet whispers coming from the couch but I couldn’t make out what was being discussed.  Next I felt some movement beside me and someone bumped into me on my right side.   I could also smell Mistress Perfume as she was definitely standing in front of me. 


I hear a different voice say, “Move Pup, your switching sides”.  

And I heard my Mistress say “Stand still DOG.”   Ah.. ha… there was at least two other people in the house tonight.  My guess now that the two were a Mistress and her slave known to me only as PUP.


So I now feel some bumping into my back and then, bumping on my left side.   Mistress again spoke, “Dog, Pup, spread your legs a little wider.”  As I did I could fell someone’s leg touching my left leg.  With a click my left leg cuff was attach to the right leg of the person to my left.  As this happened my right arm was pulled behind my back and stretched over to the left where I felt someone else hand (must be the other slave) and then another click.  His left and my right hands were now cuffed together behind our two backs.


Once again came, the command from Mistress, “Grab your cocks.”  I grabbed mine with my left hand as he I assume grabbed his with his right.  With that I felt Mistress’s leather gloved hand take my left wrist and pull it off my cock, moving it to my left and placing it on his guy’s cock beside me.  I pulled back as my hand first touched his cock.  Understand that I have never in my life touch another man’s cock but Mistress just held my wrist firmly and said, “Hold this cock for me or you will be severely punished.”


As I did, as I was told, I felt his right arm being moved across my arm forming an X and then his hand being placed on my stiff cock.


The other woman’s voice was now heard from the area where I believed the couch to be. “This is going to be fun.”


My Mistress then said, “Dog, Pup we have changed what we had planned but we think this we will please us more.  You two are going to jack each other off.  Now you will remain cuffed together until at least one of you has cum.  You two may now begin.”  With that, this rough hand starts stoking me like he was trying to break my cock off me.  I hadn’t even started when I felt a whack from below my legs striking my balls.  That was most indisputably a riding crop that had hit me. 


“Get going DOG, I want you to win” Yes that was Mistress who had hit me.  My hand started moving slowly up and down on this strange cock.  Yes a stranger’s cock for the first time my life.   As I worked it noting the difference between how it felt and how different the feeling of my own, I had to pause my thoughts as this guy was getting better and was now starting to make me feel good.


I don’t know about every guy but jacking off standing up isn’t easy for me.  The muscles in my legs go tense, my breathing changes patterns, I feel myself almost falling forward, eventually I feel my knees wanting to collapse.


Yes these things were beginning to happen to me.  In my mind I couldn’t believe that some stranger, a guy at that, was making me feel good enough to cum.  Nor could I believe I in turn was jacking him off as my hand continued to move on his cock.


I could hear the two women in front of us giggling as they watched.  As he was getting me close to cumming, my cock, the skin was starting to burn.  His hand was so rough and dry.  I realized that I was now without thought jacking his cock almost as roughly up and down as well.  So I slowed down and started to rub the head of his cock where the soft tip meets the shaft.   I rolled my fingers over the very tip of his cock feeling some pre-cum which I slide my fingers in.  With just a little of pre-cum on my fingers to sooth my strokes on his cock, I could hear his breathing really change and his knees were trembling as they started to buckle.  He had now stopped stroking my cock but had a death grip on it.  His cuffed hand behind our backs grab my hand as if for balance and with just two more gentle strokes from the base to the soft tip of his cock he started to shot his cum.


I could hear the woman laughing and clapping.  Mistress called out, “We have a winner.”