Human Sissypede

Mistress Mia and I had an appointment with one of our regular sissie, slave t at the last minute I had a devilish idea of demanding that sissy tisha come over immediately. Our little slut t had to play a game with another sissy. The game started with sissy tisha sucking slut t’s clitorous. Mistress Mia was the time keeper while they took turns sucking on each others tiny little clits. The sissy that could get the other ones clit hard first was the winner. The prize for the winner was extra poppers and the loser got a golden shower from Mistress Mia. Mia pulled out her huge cock and drenched poor sissy t’s body while tisha watched and sucked my cock. After the embarrassment and humiliation slut t rinsed off and returned to the rubber room for the main event. slut t had to get on all fours on the fuck bench with his hands cuffed while tisha was cuffed as well. Tisha had to wear the pussy mask because she’s the biggest whore I know. Tisha got poppered up real good and then was forced into wearing a gag with a cock pointing out. Next thing that cunt knew was her face was buried into slut t’s pussy hole. Mistress Mia took that whore from being with her strap on and I took slut t’s mouth with my strapon. All their greedy little holes got thoroughly drilled. After getting reamed for awhile we decided it was time to separate them into different rooms. I took slut t to the medical room to milk that sluts utter with my new milking machine while Mistress Mia took the other little trollop to the metal room to get fitted into an electrical chastity device. They then make it to the medical room and while slut t was producing milk to fill tishas overwhelming desire for a strangers hot load, tishas dirty cunt is being electrocuted.j


Recent topless bar experience

Went to a topless bar recently with my slave and another Domina.  Slave t was prepared to lunchwithaviewput down some serious cash so we could humiliate him with a few of the dancers.  It was sad that not one dancer would acknowledge our presence.  The girls seemed to be more concerned with getting drunk with customers that didn’t seem to have two pennies to rub together.  Maybe i’m judging the girls too harshly but it seems to me that if you’re gonna be a topless dancer, and your job description is to hustle to get dances and you’d rather sit around and get drunk then whats the point of being there?  It was so lousy that we left with a wad of cash that could have made a girls night.  

Disrespectful slaves

The Mistress was beautiful, so I knew she was going to have a hard time dominating me. Pretty women rarely have much going on upstairs. I walked into her playspace and and she told me to get on my knees before i was allowed to speak. I did, but really wanted to haul ass knowing that this was a waste of time. I said something that set her off. She immediately jumped up from her throne and knocked me forward onto the ground, face down. She said “There is no cussing in my dungeon.” I replied “shit! my bad.. sorry.” The next thing I felt was her high heel digging into my face. “You will speak only when you have permission and that might be a very long time, you disrespectful slave!” The rest of the session with the Mistress was so intense and exactly what I needed.1238835_195072037338331_184752955_n