Forced feminization


An average looking male in his late 20’s rudely stared at me while nursing a glass of vodka.  He was quite tipsy and had a reputation for being the resident drunk.  He finished his drink and made his way over to my table.   Drooling he said,  “Heyyy there sexy, you can come to my place and sit on my dick anytime”..  I was sick of these losers thinking that they could talk to me like that,  much less have a chance with me.   In a sexy voice I replied  “Come to My house, and I’ll make you My fuck toy.”   He was so excited that he was finally going to get laid.  He tripped over himself and replied “You’re gonna be begging me for seconds!”.   We arrived at my dungeon and got acquainted in the dining area.   “Would you like a night cap?”  He slurred “yessss Ma’amm!!!!”  I returned with a mixed drink, laced with a large dose of xanax.  He finished his drink while I changed into My black rubber catsuit, gloves, and high heal boots.  Twenty minutes later he was putty in my hands.  Slave b helped me take his clothes off and shave his entire body.  After applying makeup to his face and experimenting with wigs,  I pumped saline into his breasts while b painted his fingernails.   I tied his/her wrists and ankles to my iron bed slipped on a pair of lacy pink panties, and then admired my work.   A few hours later she woke up and asked “what happened?”  She looked down at her double D breasts and panicked.  I immediately gagged her and slapped her pretty face.  “Your name is slave cindy and you will be My little slut for the rest of your life”.  She was very angry, and struggled to get free.  Slave b rolled in a large mirror so cindy could see her transformation.  She went in and out of consciousness for hours and finally gave up trying to fight.  After weeks of training,  she finally accepted her fate,  that he was a she.  Slave c became a great little cock sucker and went on the be the resident fuck toy at fetish parties.

Hello world!

It’s after midnight and soooo excited to have My very own blog! Why didn’t this happen years a go? Trust Me when I tell you that I’ve got a lot to say.  Don’t sweat the fact that I’m only feeding you sluts, slaves and pathetic dogs a few scraps at a time.  Here’s a quote that I used to say to all the sissy bitches back in high school .

“Fuck me, suck me, eat me, beat me, just don’t mess up my hair!”

Night sluts! 🙂