I will be deleting my account on August 31st due to the website’s unfair and restrictive policies.

One of the most egregious policies is that the website can remove any content, including content that has been purchased by subscribers, without explanation or notification to the creator. This has happened to me on several occasions, and I have only learned about it after subscribers have contacted me months down the road to complain.

The website also has a number of other restrictive policies that make it difficult to create and share content. For example, I am not allowed to use certain words or phrases in my descriptions (whip, toilet, torture etc..), and I must obtain a lengthy list of waivers from anyone who appears in my content. This makes it very difficult to post content from both past sessions and general clips for sale.

As a result of these policies, I feel like I am being censored and that my freedom of expression is being curtailed. I have refrained from posting some really nice content because I know that it would be rejected by the website.

I suspect that the website is trying to move in a different direction and purge this type of media. I have gotten the message loud and clear, and I will be taking my content elsewhere.

I am disappointed that I have to leave this website, but I believe that it is the best decision for me. I hope that the website will reconsider its policies and become more creator-friendly in the future.

Thank you to all of my subscribers for your support. I will continue to create content and share it with you on other platforms.

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