Emails that make Me cross eyed


June 16, 2016

Tracy, I appreciate how you are helping subs to start exploring with you, so I was wondering if you were interested in releasing a version of your teachings to sell, complete with courses you’re creating according to your own specifications.
I currently work with clients to offer services complimenting existing ones, for example, an internet training for subs who want to do it themselves, featuring a pdf instruction file with audio/video files if you want, it’s content you’re controlling.
So, feel free to reply if you have questions or want some information, we have numerous ways to start the process where you’re reaching subs wanting guidance while getting something extra for your time, thank you!
My mouth is still open in awe of the audacity of this poor soul.  If I wanted to make an instructional video for submissives I’m pretty sure I can do it myself without the help of a pimp. – Tracy

April 11. 2016

I just moved back to dallas after 10 years of military service. I was seeing a professional domina in Seattle who could not arrange my fantasy I’m writing you about. A simple yes or no is all I humbly request from you.

Forced bi really turns me on, I’m not at all attracted to men but being gangbanged or having a train run on me by 3+ (NON PROFESSIONAL) men really turns me on…is this a fantasy scene you could arrange for me?

Thank you kindly,

I’m not at all attracted to men but…-Tracy

—————————————————————————————————– written 9 days ago: I am a slave looking for a Goddess, I want to be your slave, I would do what you tell me to do, I want to worship you and please you, I want to worship the ground you walk on Goddess There isn’t room for “me” with all of those “I’s”…  ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEE :PPPPPPPPP -Tracy —————————————————————————————— October 3, 2014 I am a middle aged white male who will be traveling to the Dallas area later this month. I am looking for a session where two young ladies (you and another young lady) to do an outcall to my upscale Dallas area hotel. The other young lady can either observe or participate. I am not looking to be hurt. I am looking to be totally humiliated by both of you (hopefully). In order to accomplish this, both of you need to be able to wear the Dominatrix outfit (with the high-heeled, thigh-high, lace-up boots) or short skirts, thigh-high stockings and high heeled pumps. It is also important that both of you have your hair, makeup and nails done up as if you are going out on the town. If you could bring ropes and cords to perform creative CBT on me, that would be great. Otherwise, during the session, both of you can pretty much have your way with me. Of course, prior to the session, we should spend a few minutes talking about limits and safe words. If this is a session you think you might like to provide, please let me know. What’s CBT? lol  -Tracy   ————————————————————————————————— July 19, 2014 Hello Sweetie, My name is Rob and I’m looking for a private webcam show via skype. Payment is upfront and before the show, let me know what’s your rate please. I’m looking for a solo or g/g show, anal & squirting is a plus, would prefer to have the show right now 🙂 Awaiting your reply, Love you, r I’m sorry,  I don’t want to ruin my computer… -Tracy ——————————————————————————– May 7, 2014

This is my first time. I am 22 and am very interested in trying this out. I am wondering how these sessions work in more detail. Like, more specifically, how do the “tickle torture sessions” work? Do you tie me down? Tickle me for a hour straight? How intense do you tickle? Is there any kind of “happy ending” at the end of the tickling? I understand there is no sex and I take this as penetration but is jacking off someone towards the end while tickling them also off limits? I was just wondering the answers to all of these and I am VERY interested in scheduling a session if you are willing to show a 22 year old rookie the merciless ropes?
That tiny prick between your legs isn’t doing you any favors.  Next time use the head above your shoulders while writing an email  -Tracy

November 4, 2013 My name is s.  I am a 21 year-old student planning to be a doctor.

I am messaging you is because I’d like to date you.  Haha.  I know that sounds straightforward, but honesty is the best policy.  I feel we would be a good match.  I am extremely passionate, emotional, and loyal.
Are you interested in getting to know me?  
I’m posting this for your own good.  -Tracy


September 24, 2013 “Request: Sensual Domination with Smoking HJ & Lipstick Application, and with Dirty Talk.   Please include your Ad post below when you reply: September 24, 2013″ Anonymous   Request-GO FIND A LOT LIZARD.  🙂 -Tracy ——————————————————— September 23, 2013

"I think you women live in a make believe world and I see what you do as dumb and slaves ain't nothing but faggots and wimps."


If that is the case then why are you emailing me? :p -Tracy


September 9, 2013

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August 29, 2013

“What kind of boxing fetishes do you offer if any? Do you do any sex fights? Like tit fighting, pussy or cocks”

I read this to a few people and we all are perplexed as to what is going on in your mind????? Fucking cuckoo bananas…..

-M. Tracy



“Goddess…You are amazing, i have a small white cock…..i could perform no cam for You, Goddess…show my bands vids, me on national tv, so that You have me by the balls…then me jerking my small cock and singing a song i wrote just for You…on yahoo mess or skype 
o also have teamviewer” -m


Silly boy,

No one wants to see you or your small white cock on tv.

-M. Tracy 🙂 




May 21, 2013

Subject: No ones really been able to get me going since my shaft reconstruction


“Ever since 95, I’ve been experiencing difficulties achieving and maintaining erections. Partially because of my shaft explosion and also due to me being color blind. I’ve tried everything from beastiality, to being choked out. I’ve looked into your profile and I think we might be able to work something out. I’m lacking a few ligaments and I have no jaw line. If you have a heart you WILL contact me. My name is Jacob and I’m 24. New meat. You people like that kind of stuff. So yeah….. “


Oh little j,…I’m a HEARTLESS BITCH!….hahhahahhahahhahaha <————- Laugh out Loud! 😀 -Tracy the terrible


April 11, 2013

Prince Charles knows me and Steven Seagul and ex president Clinton know me so please Mistresses let Prince Charles and Steven Seagul know that we want to create a Genie by law and order and  Steven Seagul is about 10 foot tall. Love s xxxxx 

Please get off the crack pipe. -Tracy



March 9, 2013

“Hi Gorgoeus Mistress Traci, I’m Chad, 48 yr old, white guy. I want to spend 30 minutes with you while you put me over your knee for just an awful paddling with my wooden hairbrush, the you can sit on my face, while I worshep your hot ass and pussy to your complet and total satisfaction, plain and simple…..$150.

Are you in?”


I wouldn’t do that for 10,000.  I’ve heard that community colleges have excellent programs for folks that don’t know how to use spell check.  -Tracy


February 9, 2013

Hi Mistress Tracy,

“We are very impressed by you on your page! We are a father and son (50’s and 70’s) who will be visiting Dallas. We are long-time submissives, who at this point in our lives are comfortable with sessioning together, and most of all appreciate a youthful Mistress, who is very open minded. Would you contemplate having us serve you (perhaps with another young Mistress participating)?”


I’m considering this,  but it really just… “Depends”.   -Tracy


December 29, 2012

“I’m going to be in Dallas on Wednesday of this week. I know i’ve asked you to do this before, but i still think you’d be fun to do this with judging by your site. I was going to see if you’d do a fetish for me… It’s a verbal fetish that’s kinda twisted, but hot, at least I think. It’s being verbally blasphemous while getting naked and pleasuring me. For instance, i guess the props could be a nuns out fit, crucifix, bible or something to that affect. Degrading and cursing anything holy while being naked is a fetish for mine.

I’m 34 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, 175, fit and toned and a young professional. 

Would you be able to do this?  A website on such fetish is

Please let me know if this is possible? Thanks!”

I’m sure that a very desperate hooker would engage in your idiotic fantasies but I’d rather rot,  then have anything to do with a sick fuck like you. 🙂  -Tracy



December 14, 2012



“I want you to bury me in cement so I can’t move.  I had not tried this but know that this is my destiny.”


Oh boy!   -Tracy


November 27, 2012


“I hope you don’t take this offensive but I’m actually serious about it. I am looking for a female in the Denton area to do this webcam thing with me. I’ve done this before with a friend of mine but she graduated from college and went back to her hometown. It’s been 2 years but now with the economy getting a bit hectic, I decided to go at it again.

So I need someone who is reliable and can meet up twice a week. We can do this at the comfort of my home or yours. All we need is a laptop/PC with a webcam and fast internet. If you’re interested, please tell me a bit about yourself. It really depends how many viewers we get a night but the amount that can be made is between $1,500 – $4000 per week.”


No offense taken, just a chuckle or two.  I feel bad for all the girls that fall for this nonsense.  It’s almost 2013, I’m sure you can make your own squirting video…just practice sucking your own dick.  🙂  -Tracy


November 20, 2012


“you have a great body,wish you were on the escort side instead of the mistress love to see you in one of those outfits taking care of my business,what a great looking ass you have”




That’s such tempting offer…”to take care of your business”…wow…I’m really going to have to think about that one. -Tracy


November 16, 2012

“Do you want to be a good girl, and come sit on daddies lap and talk about the first things that pops up? :)”


I’ve got a better idea!  -Tracy

November 6, 2012



“I have a fetish for corn dogs and jello smeared around my hemorrhoids.   Please let me know if this is something you do.”



How about some Preparation H on those creatures instead.



November 2, 2012


My name is s. We’ve never met. I am in Dallas this weekend and wanted to inquire about setting up some sort of regular payments to you. The concept I have is to create an imaginary debt, and then make payments on it. I respect what you do, but am not currently involved deeply with that world. Frankly, I am just nerdy, polite guy with low self-esteem and an odd sense of fantasy. I’ve have had this idea for a long time, and after seeing some of your pictures and reading your posts, I felt compelled to attempt a trial run. You seem like someone who would appreciate the idea and might encourage me to fulfill my desire.

I’d like to initially meet somewhere in public briefly if that is agreeable to you to make the first payment. I prefer a professional and friendly interaction as opposed to some of your clients that might enjoy a rough go.

If you are not interested, I understand, of course.”

Best regards,


Apply for a credit card and participate in our national debt!  Oh wait,  I bet you have racked up so much debt that you automatically get turned down before you’ve filled the rest of the application out.  -Tracy


October 24, 2012

“How big are your tits Ms?  -c-“

What are you,  like five? LOL




October 23, 2012


Your ad sounds great – and you look great! I have two favorite fantasies and I wonder if either one sounds like something you’d be ok doing with me. You look like you would make an incredibly sexy secretary or boss type. I’d love to have the tables turned on me by a secretary or coworker who finds some documents and blackmails me into doing humiliating things or taking humiliating photos to get deeper and deeper under her control.

I would also love to do a session where you’re my friend or classmate (I’m 25) and you dress normally – like jeans and a tshirt or something – and somehow catch me nude and take photos and make me humiliate myself – in public, my tiny size, whatever you like best.

In either case, I wouldn’t ask you to get naked at all. In fact, it makes me feel more vulnerable and exposed if you don’t.

Please let me if any of that sounds interesting and like something we can do together.



Oh darn I can’t get naked???  Really???  LMAO!  Not sure what Domina you have played with ..if any, but as far as I know, Domina’s DO NOT TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES!!!!!



October 18, 2012

“im a guy 38 in nyc. in between jobs so money is tight. might you consider some kind of really discounted session when you are. maybe a half hour or less? my fetish is intense humiliation and control and specifically ballbusting and kneeing till i collapse. wild i know.”  -s-

Go to Barneys NY and take a pair of shoes to the checkout counter.  Ask the salesmen if he will give you a “deep discount” because you simply do not want to shop at Walmart.

p.s.  I just wrote you back and sent you this link btw.  -Tracy


October 15, 2012

“Could you use a nice male to work with you? I have modeled before and worked in bdsm shoots. I am comforable with oral and play.

I am very easying, have reliable transportation, and can help outside of meeting clients also.

If you do incalls I’d be there to keep you safe and make sure everything is good.”


Oh look, it’s another stray cat that wants a cock sandwich! gah   -Tracy


October 11, 2012


Pay for play sub here – active traveler.

Sorry to be so blunt, but do you offer outcall brown showers to the hotel of your choice?  I’m the easiest sub on the planet and a quick 5 -10 minutes visit.  After tribute, just pee as much as you can in the hotel toilet, squat over me (facing away) and do your business.  Wipe yourself and see you next time.  Nothing messy.

Also happy to meet in public beforehand.  Obviously, you must be STD free and sure of it.

Let me know if that’s on the menu, and thanks.


What?  Room service doesn’t have dookie on the menu?  How dare hotels not accommodate that creamy delicacy!   -Tracy



October 11, 2012


My name’s J… I’m new to the BDSM world, but I have been an avid splosher for years.  I’m currently in Dallas for work, and I would like to schedule a sploshing (WAM – “Wet and Messy”) session with you while I’m in town.

Are you familiar with sploshing?  Have you ever done it before?  Please let me know if you’re interested.” -j-

Hey weirdo!  you have sent the same message to Me at least ten times already… How many times do I have to  tell you,  I don’t play with My food!!!!!… -Tracy

October 10, 2012


“Mistress, I am coming to Dallas Nov 1-3 and may have interest in meeting. I am a 46 yr. old professional male.. 5′ 11” tall and 195lbs.. good shape .. good looking.. 

I have always had a fantasy whereby I am controlled by a beautiful woman who forces me to fulfill her needs by orally pleasuring her again and again, while denying me pleasure until she allows me pleasure.. I am a novice so someone would have to be very patient with me.. I am also definitely not into being beaten or anything.. I also fantasized on receiving a shower.. but could not imagine ingesting anything.. I just think I might like the control a sexy woman might exude via showering me on my body in a tub.. then making me clean up and force me to message and orally pleasure her again.. also, after a mutual shower and my being forced to wash my mistress I can see being forced to perform some anal rimming on her.. sorry for the ramble.. I am new..

I have no hotel info just yet but as it gets closer I will be able to communicate it. In the meantime, if you are in the Dallas area always and are available between these days I would like to arrange a meeting.. I could do at least 2 hours and would of course be a gentlemen and provide a wine you enjoy..

Please let me know if this is possible with you”

You must have read the incredibly FAKE review about Me on the Eccie board.  The moderators refuse to take this down!  Do you actually think a REAL Dominatrix would do such things???  Please look for a “provider” to satisfy your “desires”.   🙂


October 9, 2012

“Wow! Nice pics. You’re my dream girl. I have a fetish for smoking blondes. Want to start with j.o. And fleshlight maybe.   -G-“

How do you clean your fleshlight?    -Tracy


October 8, 2012

“Hi, I’m Buck, 47 yr old white man in Plano. I’d like you to put me over your knee and paddle my naughty bare bottom 5 shades of red with a heavy wooden hairbrush or small sturdy paddle. A real punishment spanking given long, hard, and fast paced, see if you can spank me to tears, no safe words.

Then, assuming you are disease free like me, I’d like you to face-sit me and make me worship your hot ass and pussy to your complete and total satisfaction! And if you’re not satisfied with my administrations, then you should give me a good caning before you send me on my way

30 min/$150 today?


WoW!  I’m gonna assume this is email is fake.  -Tracy


October 6,2012

“hay what is up i am a 30yr. old male here i am 5″9 145lbs slim i will be in dallas on the 17th an was hope’n u like 2 come out an play 4 a few hrs. just let me know babe.”  -d

30 yrs old?  I traveled in time and was given a magic dildo from wonder women and she said it made people tell the truth when inserted into the anus!  Btw, calling a dominate babe,  is a really bad idea… 😉  -Tracy


October 5, 2012

Dear Mistress Tracy,

“could you feminise me dress me up lock me in chastity belt with dildo? make me a total slave perhaps shoot me up with drugs in your med room”


Why did I waste a few seconds of My life reading this crap?. -Tracy


October 1, 2012


“Hi my name is Sara I want to tell you that you’re very beautiful, everytime I look at your pictures I kick my boyfriend in the balls.”


Reading this made Me want to kick My boyfriend in the balls too.  -Tracy


September 30, 2012

Mistress Tracy Dallas,
“As you definitely appear to be an intelligent, witty and very lovely woman, I find it a shame that your only stated interests would seem to be either putting a diaper on me or kicking my ass in one way or another. While I’ll admit that most of us enjoy something out of the ordinary every now and again, perhaps you could lighten things up just a bit—–AND AT LEAST SMILE. “

I’ll smile, if you let Me put a diaper on you after I’ve kicked your ass. 🙂   Tracy


September 28, 2012
“Dear Mistress Tracy,

My greatest desire is for you to use me to make Money for yourself. I am your human guinea pig. I’m a Woman trapped in a Man’s body. I beg you to free me so I can be loose. Please use me to realise all your fantasies and pleasures.

All in exchange to be your permanent personal toilet slave. I assure you for as long as you have me you will never need to use the toilet.

I eat and drink everything.”

Your Human guinea Pig.
Sent from my BlackBerry wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

Oh wow, really? So let Me get this strait…you want Me to pimp you out on Craigslist and and then take a crap in your mouth? Sounds like someone is getting the shitty end of the deal!   -Tracy


September 19, 2012

“Here is my offer. If You accept me, You would receive a true gentleman who You can present to Your family and friends as Your partner in life. I will worship You to an extent that You have never seen. You will have the ultimate freedom to do as You please and I will be there for You, always. I will be Your best friend, Your cuck husband and Your good boy in chastity. You will be pampered, spoiled and cared for like no other. Let’s just remind both us that this arrangement should be about You and Your needs. The two worst subjects in unsuccessful relationships are money and sex. So, let’s start with the fact that Your money is Your money and my money is Our money. Sex is however You control it. You will be my owner, and You will decide what that means for us. No questions asked. I appreciate Your need to be satisfied by whomever You see fit. My only concern will be to care for You, cook for You and make sure You are happy. We could have some really good times together if You consider my unique appreciation for who You are and how You are the only One for me. No one else compares.


And Yes, I do propose the fact that I this should be made official with marriage eventually, if You please.”


Submissively Yours.

Mister flatulence

Who does this shmuck think I am? A mail-order bride???   -Tracy