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You are more than welcome to show a thoughtful gesture towards your Mistress without any particular rhyme reason required!
If you would like to send gift cards or any other items that require an email address, please send them to


Thank you in advance!

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Since the mid 70's Fetters has been the go to place for "real" BDSM equipment and toys.  The professional quality of their gear is unmatched in the world.  A gift card from here means serious business!
What a fantastic store, they have everything and more!  I also love Syren latex!  Such great stuff! They've been selling sex toys, bondage gear, and restraints online for over 30 years! 
Mr. S
Mr. S Leather
For over 40 years, Mr. S Leather has been the world’s forerunner in the fetish industry. The name sends shivers down the spines of subs anywhere and everywhere!
Mistress Tracy DollsKill
Dolls Kill
I love everything here! Click the button below to be taken to the gift card section. Choose any gift amount you like and I'm 💯 sure I will find something fun that I will enjoy!
Mistress Tracy VEX
VEX Latex
I wear a lot of VEX in sessions, the fetish ball, and just around town!  The minimum amount for this gift card is $200 because there really isn't anything to buy under that amount!
Mistress Tracy SKIN TWO
Skin Two/Honour
Skin Two and Honour have been making amazing clothing for as long as I can remember, I wear a LOT of it in sessions and just in general. A gift card from here is very much appreciated and will definitely be used to the max 🎉
Mistress Tracy Amazon eGift
Amazon eGift
Amazon is really great for anything and everything! I use it for lubes, toys, puppy pads, slut gear, and sissy stuff! Feel free to do any amount, it will all go to a good cause and is always a welcome surprise to brighten my day 🤗
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Mistress Tracy Dallas provides professional BDSM services and lifestyle coaching. Located in Dallas, TX, this experienced Mistress offers a safe, judgement-free environment to explore BDSM and Fetish related activities.

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