Video Project on Hold until Summer 2018


We decided it was best to take the website down because we just didn’t have enough content to keep throwing more clips out at least every other day.  As they say, slow and steady wins the race.  We are doing just that.  We are learning a valuable lesson to be patient and not to push the cart before the horse.  The site will be new and improved with at least one hundred quality videos by this time next year.  Stay tuned for the next installment of Mistress Tracy and Mistress Mia’s screw ups! 

Back in the Saddle again


This year has been much tamer compared to last year. My father passed away a few months ago which ended up making me feel like I could finally breathe. He was diagnosed with dementia which if anyone has had a loved one with this, they know how hard it is to cope with.

I feel much stronger and have had a much better time getting at least 6 hours of sleep each night which is a milestone compared to what was before. Now that I can think straight , I feel as though sessions have taken a turn for the better and know that every session has been intense in a good way. I’d like to see more pain and humiliation sluts in the future. Sensual is always fun as well, with a sprinkle of my favorite pastime GS. 😉

You’re a star!

Recently a new submissive contacted me about being afraid to session with me, because he thought I would take pictures or record video of his session, against his will. I figured it was time to address this to put your minds at ease on the subject.
I have not, nor will I ever record or take photos of a session without your explicit permission and discussed ahead of time. The only time there is anything like that on my social media is when i’ve been asked specifically to do so for the slaves vanity reasons. Discretion is my utmost concern for both of us. If you still have concerns please contact me!sslave.jpg


smallI had a wonderful time at DOMCON in New Orleans this year, it was my first time ever attending an event like this. I was cordially invited as a special guest so I hopped on a plane with TS Mistress Mia and flew to NOLA to officially pop my DOMCON cherry! It was comforting to be around women that share the same ideas about female supremacy. It was a small gathering of a few dozen of some of the best in the biz along with submissives and lifestylists actively in the scene. I regret not meeting more Mistresses while I was there, but since this was held in a party city, there was a lot of drinking going on all around me. Most don’t know it, but I gave up drinking alcohol almost five years ago! It definitely made it more difficult for me to attend certain events, I just didn’t want to be tempted to drink. In spite of being sober and also a shy introvert I still had such a great experience that I thought I’d write a blog post about it!


After getting settled into our hotel room, we went to a tax class that was taught by a super cool guy named Jack.

We ate at the famous ACME oyster house which was amazing.


The next day we went shopping at the vendor fair and bought all kinds of goodies. We bought an interesting leather belt strap from Leather by Danny called a “split thumper” that has a few interesting uses besides just belting. The latex store was awesome, steel bones sold corsets, and an electric toy vendor that I didn’t happen to catch the name of, and Canes 4 pain etc… We attended an interactive single tail whip class taught by Sir Valentino Harrison and Cupcake Harrison that was fun and informative.

We ordered some really kooky food from room service like shrimp and stone ground white cheddar grits with louisiana barbecue sauce! I can’t tell you how amazing and totally delicious this dish was! OMG

We went to Morning call for beignets in City Park. It was beautiful out there and it reminded me of Central Park in New York City and has been in business since 1870! We spent so much time walking all over the place that we ended up losing weight!cxpl7frviaeiu3k

We attended a humiliation class with Mixtrix and took the group photo with all the Dommes that attended the convention and afterwards I was interviewed by Dom Tv!domcontracy

Someone got the bright idea for us all to parade as a group down Bourbon street wearing our fetish attire, the drunk tourists just watched and cheered us on. After that I ended up doing a quick 15 minute ball busting video with Andre Dipré! I’ve never done a video for pay before and I will say it was super fun. It was late and we were both famished and couldn’t find anything to eat that sounded good then we remembered that Cafe Dumond was open 24 hours a day so we decided to get french donuts again.fullsizerender-12

It must have been 1am and it was super cold and windy, the holiday spirt had arrived! We ate the delicious hot, melt in your mouth beignets with not just any old hot chocolate but more like chocolate decadence! It warmed us up and put smiles on our faces and the faces of everyone around us.
Sunday we went back to the vendor fair and bought more fun stuff and then went to a cute little outdoor eatery called “the Green Goddess” with Domina Shannon and Mistress Devore from Houston.fullsizerender-13

Our checkout time for the hotel was fast approaching so we said our goodbyes and made our way back towards the hotel. We were starstruck when we stumbled upon Darth Vader dancing in the street right in front of us! I think his official name is “Saint Vader”, but whatever his name is it was an awesome sight and a wonderful way to say goodbye to DOMCON and New Orleans!


Los Angeles trip


I had a limited amount of time in L.A. because of sessions. Next time I’ll go just for fun. Bought a few things for the dungeon from Syren and a few personal items from Little Tokyo like a wallet that reads “Bad Motherfucker”.



Had a nice time on Melrose lusting over the high priced unique designer clothes and accessories.


Had coffee with the beautiful Mistress Iris. Got to go on a very unique field trip with a wonderfull submissive. He showed me his old elementary school where corporal punishment was the norm and had been seared into his youthful mind at age 12. Had a fun session with the lovely Isabella Sinclair and the notorious butt bitch from Dallas Texas. Had various other sessions with a few native cali sluts. Oh and my pick for best place to chill and get healthy is Alimentari a small cafe in Silverlake . (p.s. Alimentari is near Syren)


Travel Schedule for September

My trip to Los Angeles is quickly approaching and I’ll have limited availability so try to book as early as possible!

Deposit required before I can book you with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  I will be taking sessions out of my hotel suite the Hollywood area or if you want to see me in a commercial playspace, there is an extra fee to rent it.  Looking forward to playing with you!!!IMG_0231

Human Sissypede

Mistress Mia and I had an appointment with one of our regular sissie, slave t at the last minute I had a devilish idea of demanding that sissy tisha come over immediately. Our little slut t had to play a game with another sissy. The game started with sissy tisha sucking slut t’s clitorous. Mistress Mia was the time keeper while they took turns sucking on each others tiny little clits. The sissy that could get the other ones clit hard first was the winner. The prize for the winner was extra poppers and the loser got a golden shower from Mistress Mia. Mia pulled out her huge cock and drenched poor sissy t’s body while tisha watched and sucked my cock. After the embarrassment and humiliation slut t rinsed off and returned to the rubber room for the main event. slut t had to get on all fours on the fuck bench with his hands cuffed while tisha was cuffed as well. Tisha had to wear the pussy mask because she’s the biggest whore I know. Tisha got poppered up real good and then was forced into wearing a gag with a cock pointing out. Next thing that cunt knew was her face was buried into slut t’s pussy hole. Mistress Mia took that whore from being with her strap on and I took slut t’s mouth with my strapon. All their greedy little holes got thoroughly drilled. After getting reamed for awhile we decided it was time to separate them into different rooms. I took slut t to the medical room to milk that sluts utter with my new milking machine while Mistress Mia took the other little trollop to the metal room to get fitted into an electrical chastity device. They then make it to the medical room and while slut t was producing milk to fill tishas overwhelming desire for a strangers hot load, tishas dirty cunt is being electrocuted.j


Moving AGAIN

It’s been a total nightmare since day one at the new location so we’ve decided to move the studio again!   Now that Texas is having 100 degree days, its impossible to cool the place down below 77 degrees. I’ve spent too much money trying to fix everything and make things bearable. It’s not an option to wear leather or latex at that temperature. We have another studio lined up already and are waiting to hear on the actual move in date. In the mean time we will be accepting sessions everyday but this Thursday.   The process starts with breaking the rooms down one at a time so at least one room can still be played in at the old location and will get at least one room up at the new location by Friday to play in.  Hope everything goes back to normal soon because a new shipment of latex outfits just arrived.   

The studio is almost ready!!!

The new studio is taking more time than expected but will open on June 4th.  We’ve gotten to all the vital stuff but the decorating is not finished.  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Between water leaks, horrible paint color scheme, smaller space than was promised, dirty as hell, loose knobs, garage not working and being one that doesn’t fit anything bigger than a mid size car etc…It has been incredibly expensive and time consuming to get this place close to what we had envisioned.  It’s starting to come together-Thank GOD!   Looking forward to playing with all of you soon!