Lately I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly perplexed by the cost of everyday personal items, food, and furniture. Today I bought the same black nitrile gloves that I’ve been purchasing for many years from the same company for no less than TRIPLE the price. Unfortunately I don’t see any way around paying these outrageous prices because gloves make it possible for a quicker cleanup and a much safer and more sanitary session.

It seems that all I hear about anymore is supply chain disruptions and shortages, Why? I had no idea so many people just disappeared and no longer work for a living. Listening to the news, they say that foam can’t be made at three different factories here in the US because of the winter storms. What the hell? It’s summer last I checked. I thought covid was to blame for all the shortages? So instead of buying a new couch because of the so called “foam shortage” I’ve decided to turn the living room area into more play space, and that’s a good thing! More room = more fun!

So about the couch, we had to dispose of our favorite couch that’s been in the dungeon for seven long years. Gorilla tape worked for a short time but after a while we realized nothing was going keep our beloved couch together. We won’t be buying another for a while or at least until these supply chain disruptions and foam shortages have mysteriously worked themselves out, until then let’s play! 🤗