Moving on

I can’t believe it’s already March! It’s been a very rough couple of months for me and I’m very glad I’ve gotten past most of the worst of it. For some of you subs that have known me for years you especially know how hard the last five years have been. Losing one parent and then losing the other is […]

October was a blast!

Wow what a month! Between an intense amount of sessions, photoshoots, magazine features and fooling a few into thinking that I dyed my hair red, October was very fulfilling. A fantastic client convinced me that I should go for it and book a trip to Hawaii which is my favorite place on earth. I thought it was going to be […]

Hello world!

It’s been forever since I last posted a blog. The other one called Flogger Blogger was wiped out a few years ago from a hacker attack so I can only post snapshots of it. There’s a link on my website that you can click that leads you to the old blog.